Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring break was really late this year so when it finally arrived, we were so ready for it.  For the first part of the break, my parents took the boys to Morro Bay for a fishing trip.  They fished at a couple of nearby lakes.  I think Jack sort of likes it, but Ryan is totally into it.  They had a blast and my parents were worn out when they were done.  I met the boys and my mom at the coast to exchange the kids on Wednesday so my mom could go home.  Lorie and her boys met up with us for another adventure.  

 When I got to Morro Bay, it looked like this.  I loved how the rock was peeking out of the fog.  After Lorie and her boys got to the condo, we headed over to Cayucos for some beach time.  Cayocos has an awesome new play structure that the boys loved.

We also walked out to the tide pools, but it was high tide when we got there.  There were still some tide pools visible so the boys enjoyed themselves.  They found a teeny tiny crab and a little starfish.  

That evening, we took the boys to pizza where they proceeded to devour a large pizza between the four of them.  Lorie and I are now scared of what feeding junior high boys may look like.  

On day two of our adventure, we took our boys to the Avila Barn.  They had a blast.  The weather was amazing and perfect so that was a bonus.  

We looked at the animals, went on the hayride, and had a picnic lunch.  

When we were done, we headed back to Morro Bay and the boys played at the pirate ship park.  They had met a little girl that was staying in the same condo complex as us.  Ryan was particularly smitten.  She also joined us at the park.  

When Lorie and I were done tidying up the condo, we left in time to stop at Birch Fabrics in Paso Robles. They are the same store as the online store, Fabric Worm.  They had absolutely beautiful fabric.  I splurged and bought a Kokka print that was beautiful.  I don't know what I'll do with it, but I'm sure it will eventually be part of a blog post.  The boys were wiped out and were content playing iPhones while Lorie and I shopped.  

Friday was the first day the boys were home during their spring break and they were exhausted.  They both even fell asleep for a nap.  

At one point during Friday, the boys were out in the garage drawing on our white board and Ryan drew this.  He cracks me up.  

Jack drew this picture.  I do know that the bottom left is a drawing of a pig from Angry Birds and the bottom left drawing is our dog, Maggie.  

On Saturday, we went to a family egg hunt at Aunt Gail's house.  We were so happy to see the extended family and have the cousins play together.  It had been along time since we had all been together.  

Sunday was our Easter service at church.  I got new shirts for the boys and made them take a picture for me.  They sort of cooperated.  We went church next.  Phil was playing guitar for worship.  As Pastor John welcomed us, Jack yelled, "Hi Daddy!"  They whole church laughed.  Pastor John then said, "Hey Jack, He is risen."  I whispered to Jack, "say, 'He is risen indeed.'"  Jack said, "He is risen in beans!"  

We went to Clovis after church and had an egg hunt and Easter dinner with Phil's mom.  We also stopped by Grandad Tom's on the way home.  

Since I job share, I had an extended Easter vacation so yesterday was my last day off.  I cleaned our house, then finished sewing together a quilt that I had started at the beginning of last summer.  While I was sewing, Jack was pretending to be a Ninja and was defending our house against the 100 bad guys that kept invading.  During the raid, this conversation happened.

Jack: Mommy, I mean Honey.
Me: Honey?!?
Jack: Mom, when Ninja's are being mans they call their mommies "honey."

Jack took pictures of all the things that the 100 bad guys were trying to trap during their raid.  This was a serious invasion.  I'm so thankful for my little Ninja's defense.  

This is Ryan's Raingutter Regatta boat.

Luckily, at the end of the raid, I was able to finish sewing my quilt top together.  

I completely enjoyed my vacation.  Now back to the grind for six more weeks!

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