Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March Happenings

Ryan likes to go to my dad's shop, aka "The Clubhouse", and build stuff with him.  They love hanging out together.  They've built quite a few models together.  The latest model that Ryan built was the Titanic.  He wouldn't let my dad help and put the whole thing together himself.  He's really proud of it.  

We also went to Morro Bay to celebrate Phil's mom's birthday.  It was beautiful while we were there. We had perfect sunny weather and blue skies.  

Don, Phil's step dad, has a birthday close to Beth's so we also celebrated his birthday as well.  We took them both out to dinner at Schooner's in Cayucos.  The food is fantastic and they loved it.  (Jack was in quite a mood pre dinner from being hangry and from being woken up early from a nap.)

We also went to Moonstone beach near Cambria at Don's suggestion.  We had never been before.  The beach is covered in little rocks and sea glass.  It was really pretty and the boys had a lot of fun collecting rocks.  I had fun looking for bits of sea glass.  

Jack has quite the imagination and is always dressing up in something new.  Last week, on a couple of occasions, he wore a "leash" (a necktie) wherever we went and pretended to be a puppy.

A little while ago, he also came up with this look.  Don't mess with a kid that has a fart blaster!

Lastly, Ryan's class made self portraits of what they would look like at 100 to celebrate the 100th day of school.  I love the look.  

Thank goodness for spring break.  Maybe I can stay on top of this blog now that I'm caught up.  

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