Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Update... Finally

Wow!  A whole month has gone by and I haven't updated.  We have been BUSY!!!!!!!  School started this month, which is always crazy, but I'm loving my class and this school year.  The boys are both doing well in daycare (Jack) and preschool (Ryan).  My teaching partner is back and I am loving job sharing again.  

At church, we lost our Cubbies director.  After waiting and waiting for someone to volunteer, my friend Stacy and I took on the job.  And what a big job it has been.  I feel like I am working another part time job, which has been really hectic.  The Cubbies year has been a little bumpy, but I think we're on our way to getting things figured out.  Please say a little prayer for our program if you think of it.  

Last week, Phil and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  We went out to Maxwell's and had a great date night.  I can't believe eight years have already gone by.

This week has been the craziest week of all.  It started out with my birthday.  My sister and my friend Jessi and I went out to the Padre to celebrate.  I love how the Padre is decorated inside.  They have done an amazing job.  There are several restaurants inside and we ate at Brimstone.  We shared appetizers and drinks and they were all great.  

Jessi and me

My sister Julie made these cupcakes for me.  They are the same recipe as the ones I made for Denise's circus shower.  They were sooo good.

These chairs were awesome so Julie took a picture of Jessi and me.

The next and most surprising even of this week was that my niece, Carolina Elizabeth was born!  She was born September 15th at 5:11 P.M. and was seven weeks early.  She weighed 5lbs., 3oz. and was 17 3/4 inches long.

Doug, Vanessa, and Carolina all seem to be doing well.

 Carolina melts my heart.  I can't believe that I have to wait until our trip to Portland in November to hold that sweet baby!

The next part isn't nearly as exciting as my new niece.  In all of the craziness, I've had a small amount of time to do some crafting.  My friend Lorie and I went antiquing this week and I found the big frame below.  I loved it and had to buy it.  The next day, I went to the thrift store and found an old cork board for all of $3.  I took the frame off of it, wrapped it in fabric, and put it in my new frame.  I'm really liking the result.

The other thing I found at the thrift store were two old brass lamps.  They were $5 each.  I took them home and spray painted them aqua.  I then went to Target and found these white lamp shades.  I absolutely love the finished look in our bedroom.

Last, but certainly not least, Ryan is FIVE today!  I can't believe five years have already gone by.  We have a birthday celebration planned for him tonight out on the farm.  I'll be posting some pictures later on.  Happy birthday Ryan!