Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!  I started our day by trying to get a few pictures of the boys before they were dirty.  I had to bribe Jack with a cupcake to get him to pose, but at least he did.  

We went to church this morning followed by an Easter lunch at my mom and dad's house.  It was also my Grandma Enns' birthday so we got to celebrate that too.

My mom asked me to get some pictures of their new puppy, Barbie Dog.  My dad named her Barbie Dog because he said he had enough of us girls and our Barbie Dolls growing up so now he was going to have his own Barbie Dog.  Anyway, she is a cutie and we love her.  She is a great addition to the family.  Mario is starting to adjust to her too so I'm thankful for that.

Jack is my little animal lover and he adores Barbie.  I think the feeling is mutual.

I am a dog lover myself and Barbie has captured my heart too, but don't tell Rita.  She is disgusted that there is a new dog around, steeling her thunder.

The boys changed immediately and went to the dirt to play.  

After lunch, we hunted eggs.  The boys were delighted and excited. 

Cousin Charlie proved to be quite good at finding eggs.  I absolutely love his face in this picture.

Henry and Jack busily counted their eggs.  Henry told me he had 21.  Jack just told me he had 5.  He didn't really count either.

Jack was much more concerned with eating all his candy as fast as he could.  

Ryan, being the oldest and tallest, got the most eggs.

And here's all the busy boys as Katie and I tried to get a picture.  I think it's pretty funny.  Maybe Katie got one with all the boys smiling.  They sure are cute together.

We had a lot of fun today watching all these boys and dogs play together.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lorie's Houndstooth Quilt

 A while ago, Lorie so coyly asked me if I would like to make a quilt for her for her 30th birthday.  This was almost a year ago, which seemed like ample time, so I said yes (besides the fact that she is a great friend and a quilt would be the perfect gift).  I began looking for a quilt pattern that was "so Lorie."  I had been intrigued by a houndstooth quilt and knew that Lorie had a thing for black and white.  She had also told me she wanted oranges and other "sherberty" colors.  I started on her quilt after Christmas and got the front...

and back pieced together in no time.  I used this pattern.  The directions were so easy and the method for the blocks was really great.  I highly recommend it.  Life then happened and the quilt stayed like this.  

Last week, I went to my happy place and spent some time quilting and finishing this quilt.  

I love how it came out.  The scrappy binding and round corners are a favorite part for me.  I also think that Lorie liked her gift as well, even if it was a little late.  

The Memorial Trip

Our life has been going at full speed for the last month. I've also had a hard time wanting to talk about our most recent trip to Portland.  As things are starting to settle down, I thought I'd share about our visit.  

Vanessa loved her hometown so very much.  This bumper sticker was on her car.  It became the symbol of our trip.  

Everything we did and saw made us think of her.  

baby Georgia smiles

Sweet Carolina

With Uncle Phil

One of the last things I did with Vanessa this summer was to paint our nails ombre.  I had done my nails in a coral ombre and Vanessa had done hers in teal.  I found the polish during our visit and painted my nails like we had done in tribute.  

One of the best things about our trip was seeing and staying with our friends Anna and Mike.  And apparently we all like to eat together.  Anna was a most amazing hostess and had coffee and Voodoo donuts waiting for us on the first day our visit.  Anna and I concurred that the "Old Dirty Bastard" donut was our favorite.  Check out the Voodoo website for other colorful names and flavors.  

On Sunday we went to a restaurant called McCrae's.  The menu was hysterical in it's descriptions of portion size.  They also had Hen House omelet's that were made with a dozen eggs!  We had a great time catching up with Anna and Mike.

Vanessa's memorial was so fitting.  Everything that was said about her was great and I wish I had a copy of what each person said to share here.  Truly great things were spoken.  I also don't remember crying so much at one place and time.

Vanessa and Doug's Toms

Toms were everywhere at the memorial.  Vanessa would have loved it and I'm sure there are many more children with a new pair of shoes today.  

Robin and her husband, Mark, took care of Georgia and Carolina throughout the service.  They are truly an amazing couple and I am so glad that they have been around to help Doug and the girls.  

After the memorial, we went to family friends' of Vanessa and Doug.  This picture was taken and somehow Phil looks small?  Go figure.  All of these guys and their wives make up a terrific support system for Doug.  It made me feel a little better leaving Doug and the girls in their hands as we left for home.  

Phil and I also had a chance to sightsee a little.  We first went on a walk around Sellwood, which is Doug's neighborhood.  One of our favorite places was Grand Central Bakery.  The coffee is amazing, as well as the baked goods.  

Phil fell in love with the "Snack Cake" from Grand Central.  He may or may not have eaten four during our five day trip.

This tea shop was next to Grand Central.

I also snapped a picture of the Sellwood Public House.  They hosted Vanessa's birthday fund raiser this year.  It was a cool little place.

We had the delight of seeing probably the worst spray painting job on the planet in Doug's neighborhood.

This little tea stand is in an intersection near Doug's house.  Doug calls the area "Hippie Corner."  This stand is a no host tea station.  I didn't help myself because I wasn't quite sure who was in charge of restocking and washing the cups...

Next, Phil and I drove into downtown  Portland to go to Powell's and do a little sightseeing.

All the while we were gone, I was missing these guys at home.  And as soon as we got home, I realized how much I was going to miss Doug and the girls.  Distance is hard.

Somehow, life continued during our sorrow and I know it will still go on.  A new season in all our lives is beginning, no matter how trying it may be.