Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Rita was diagnosed with congestive heart failure this year and it broke my heart.  Rita has been my baby for the last 13 and half years and I can't imagine life without her.  Thankfully the meds she's been taking have been helping her quality of life but we know that we won't have her forever.  We decided it was time for a puppy.  I saw this cute little face on a Marley's Mutts post and fell in love.  Jack and my dad and I made a trek up near Glenville in January to see this little dog.  When we got there I was a little surprised at how big she was for a young pup and was also unsure of her large paws.  She was a doll though and Jack was instantly in love.  I couldn't say no so we loaded her up in the truck and headed home.  The lady that we adopted her told me that her breed was a Canardly.  I asked what a Canardly was.  She said, "You Canardly tell what she is."  All we do know is that her mom was some kind of wire haired terrier and cattle dog.  

 The boys were instantly in love.  They bought her a Chewbacca chew toy, which Maggie destroyed in about two days.

Ryan taught her how to crate train by sleeping in the crate with her.  It's unconventional, but it worked.

Maggie also has no fear of slides.  She regularly climbs the ladder on the boys' play set and slides down on her own.  

We love our Maggie girl and are enjoying having a puppy around.  Surprisingly, Rita tolerates her and even seems to like her.

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