Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Days

This has been an overwhelming and exhausting week for me. Everything with daycare, preschool, and school has gone really well, but the logistics of everything have been really difficult to adjust to. Jack has been a good sleeper, as far as babies go, since he came home from the hospital. He usually has only gotten up once, sometimes twice in the night. He has now started to sleep for longer periods, but this has made my schedule really exhausting this week. He has typically gone to bed around 9:30 or 10:00, and this week he has slept til around 4 a.m. He has also gotten up an extra time in the night a few times this week. The bad news is that my alarm goes off at 5:15 so I've usually just stayed up after I feed him and put him back down. I am definitely NOT a morning person, so this does not suit me at all. All summer long, Jack would get up and we'd all go back to sleep until Ryan, the morning person, woke us all up. Jack has been a grump when I have to wake him again at 6:45 to feed him, put him in the carseat, and start the drop off process of going to two different places, all before I arrive at work. Today we are ALL so happy that it is Saturday. Jack is back asleep and I have no intention of getting him up and rushing us this morning. Jack is certainly taking after me, while Ryan is just like his daddy, as far as mornings go.

On to the highlights of this week.

This was Ryan the morning of his first day of preschool. He absolutely LOVED it. I had to make him give me a hug when I was leaving. He could have cared less about me leaving, which I prefer to tears. When I picked him up, I asked him if he had any new friends. He said he liked the "black dress girl" and that she was really nice and played with him. I asked him how he liked his teacher, Miss April. He said, "That's her name mommy, that's the 'black dress girl'." I guess he really likes his teacher. Yesterday, after I picked him up he said, "Miss April didn't wear her black dress today mommy."

Ryan also learned about the flag "flute" (salute). Apparently, when the kids were doing the salute, he went to go get some dinosaurs to play with. The teachers reminded him that it was time to do the flag salute. He said, "but I want to play with dinosaurs."

His only complaint so far is that he didn't get enough juice and was really thirsty. Both days (he only goes 2 days) I've had to coax him to the car because he didn't want to leave.

Ryan also went to see Pa (my dad) this week to help him fertilize the Persimmon trees around their house. For whatever reason, Ryan ended up riding in the wagon in this tub of water. It was pretty funny.

Jack has also had a great week going to Nana's (Nancy, our daycare provider) house. He is such a happy little guy. It just takes a lot of food to keep him that way. I have been able to go feed him at lunch, then again after school, but in the meantime, he gets formula for those missed feedings. Jack has a HUGE appetite and I have not ever been able to have enough to satisfy him. I thought he was colicky at first, but it turns out, he was just hungry and I can't keep up, so we've had to supplement. Anyway, Nancy has let the boy have copious amounts of formula and he has been happier than he's ever been and has probably gained a pound this week. I even had to get out the 3-6 month onesies since his shoulders kept popping out of the 0-3 month onesies. I took these two pictures of him sucking his fingers. He has never liked his pacifier and discovering his fingers has made him really happy. I just think he is the cutest thing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jack - 2 months old

Jack turned 2 months old this past week on the 15th. At his check up, he weighed 11 lbs., 1 oz. and was 23 1/4 in. long. He now loves to coo and smile and kick his legs. He tries to grab, but he can't figure out that he has to open his hand, then reach, instead of the other way around. He takes in everything. He and Ryan also started back with Nancy since I am back at work. They both have had great days with her. Jack loves all the bottles he is getting and I think Nancy's goal is to fatten him up. She told me he is too skinny. Ryan will go to Nancy for the first part of next week, then to preschool. I'm excited (and a little nervous) about him going to school. I want him to love it, and I think he will after he makes some friends.

I have the above picture on my desk at school and just love it. It makes me want to kiss his little cheeks. This little guy has stolen my heart in an amazing way that I didn't know was possible. I never understood how I would love another child as much as Ryan, but now I do. I've missed being with my boys this week.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Heart Melts

Today was my first day back at work and my first day to leave Jack for more than a few hours. Phil asked me how I was feeling about it all today and I said, "You know that scene in Amelie, when she melts? That's what my heart feels like today," as the tears welled up in my eyes. I knew it would be fine, and it was fine, but it's never easy. I thought it might be easier with Jack since I had already gone through this with Ryan, but it's not. I left work during lunch to see the boys and feed Jack and it was just as hard to go back to work after lunch. I know every day will be better and after this week and next week, I will only be doing it part time (until my partner teacher has her baby). I know it will be okay, but it's still hard.

For those that haven't seen Amelie, the clip is below. If you don't want to watch it all, she melts around 2:00.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet Baby Dress

A sweet baby girl should be arriving in the Anderson family any day now. Her impending arrival gave me a reason to sew this lovely little dress. I was thrilled to sew something with a ruffle and a bow and I am delighted with the outcome. I hope she and her Mommy enjoy it as much as I liked sewing it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Skirt

Yesterday, despite my two boys not napping at the same time, I was able to complete this skirt. Please disregard the shirt as I do not have something that goes with this skirt as of yet.

I used New Look pattern 6843 by Simplicity since I had found the New Look pattern for the yellow shirt to be so easy to follow. I also used this fabric from Free Spirit Fabrics.

This one was equally easy. I did however alter the back of the pattern. The back was supposed to have a center seam and zipper, but I put the zipper on the side and omitted the seam so that the brown scroll pattern would also go down the center back like it does in the front. I also made the waistband fasten with a hook and eye rather than a button. I am happy with the finished product. Now I just need to find a shirt to go with it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Things

Many happy things have been happening this week.

1. Ellie's birthday.
Happy birthday Ellie!

2. Phil's Birthday
Yesterday was Phil's birthday. We had a little family celebration, and then a larger one, sans children, at El Portal yesterday evening. It was great and the cool weather was icing on the cake. (And the sheet cake I baked for the occasion was delicious too, if I do say so myself.)

3. Sleeping babies
While I realize that babies nowadays are not supposed to sleep on their tummies, this is the only way I have found that Jack will take a nap, unless I am holding him or walking around with him in a sling. (For whatever reason, he will sleep on his back, no problem, but only at night.) Anyway, for the past 3 days, I have been able to get Jack down for 2 naps, and the best part is, he is able to put himself to sleep. He also is able to suck on his thumb in this position, which helps him to fall asleep.

4. New patio chair covers
We had lost all of our patio chairs due to ripped, sun-eaten, fabric. The heat had also made the desire for patio furniture non-existent, but this new wonderful weather had me thinking about it again. I noticed that Cost Plus had their clearance sign out front today, and I thought I'd check to see if they had these covers on sale. They weren't marked down, but I figured they were because all the patio stuff was on sale. When I went to have them rung up, they came up $2.50 each! $10.83 later, my patio furniture functions again.

5. New Clutch
Last night at Phil's party, our friend Amy pulled out a fantastic clutch from her diaper bag, which contained all of her personal effects. She explained how handy it was when dropping off the little one, as she could grab her clutch, leave the baby's items, and be on her way, without needing to pack a separate purse for an outing. I loved this idea and had never thought of it myself, even though I had this same dilemma with Ryan. I found this lovely item on clearance at Target for $10.98. I was thrilled. I also had a gift card, so after buying a few things for Jack and this for myself, I only owed $0.12! My total for shopping today was only $10.95.

First Smile

Jack started smiling last week at six weeks old. His smiles were a little awkward as he couldn't quite remember each time just how to do it. This week, they've been better, and I've been thinking I really need to get a picture of them. I have attempted this to no avail. Below are what I have captured so far.

Monday, August 3, 2009


As I mentioned in my previous post, we went on vacation last week. Our first stop was Carpinteria. We had a really nice time, but failed to get out the camera to document the event. Ryan really enjoyed playing on the beach and digging, but was still really afraid of the water. Jack spent his time sleeping in the sling on the beach with me. My parents also were kind enough to watch both boys while we went to the Montecito Cafe, which is one of our all time favorite restaurants. The food and atmosphere was wonderful as usual. I was disappointed to find out that they no longer had their red velvet cupcakes, but they did serve a fabulous peach cobbler that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Tuesday evening, after playing on the beach and swimming, we packed up and headed for Morro Bay for the rest of the trip. An amazing thing had now taking place twice, which was the fact that Jack slept in the car! We arrived late at night.

On Wednesday we had an extremely lazy morning in the condo and only took little trips out to walk the Embarcadero. We also took a walk downtown to a little garage where car aficionados house their vintage cars. Ryan has always wanted to go inside, but its always been closed. Ryan has a strange way of attracting attention and having good things come his way. For instance, last time we were in Morro Bay, a guy noticed Ryan and my dad looking at boats along the dock and gave them a spontaneous sail boat ride. An elderly gentlemen saw Ryan peering inside the windows. He introduced himself as Grandpa Joe and told Ryan, he would show him how to get in since he owned some of the cars inside. Sure enough, he took us in and let Ryan sit in one of his cars, a 1908 Ford. Ryan didn't know what to look at first. This old man was so nice and kind to us, and especially Ryan. He really made our day.

Wednesday, we attempted the Pismo Outlets. BAD IDEA! A baby and a pre-schooler are not a good combo for an extended shopping trip. We were very much over that idea after going to the first store. Phil also taught Ryan how to play hide and seek in the clothes rounders. I dread the next time we are at the mall.

On Thursday, we hung around Morro Bay for most of the day again, but then went to SLO in the evening. This outing was much better, however, the main attraction for the venture was supposed to be Tom's Toys. We arrived at this magnificent toy store on Higuera Street seconds too late as the lock was clicked shut moments before we tried the handle. We had one sad 2 year old to console. I guess there is always next time.

Friday, the Brady's came to hang out with us at the park. The kids had a great time and Phil took some terrific pictures.

Saturday, the Voss's were visiting Avila. We met them at the beach for a while, then they traveled back to Morro Bay with us and we all had dinner on the Embarcadero. The kids had a great time playing together and we certainly enjoyed the company.

Sunday consisted of packing and cleaning and coming home. We were pleasantly surprised when the weather wasn't nearly as hot as when we left. I really enjoyed Phil being around all week and having another set of hands was great. I am missing him today as I am home by myself. I'm so thankful that we were able to take a vacation this summer.