Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book of Mormon and Mad Men

For Christmas this year, I surprised Phil with tickets to see the Book of Mormon at the Pantages and I booked a room at the Redbury hotel.  I was excited to surprise him and he was thrilled with the gift.  We had stayed at the Redbury once before and loved it and were so excited to stay there again.  The rooms are all studio apartments and are well appointed.  

We had a great time leading up to the show.  We went to a coffee place in the afternoon, had sushi for dinner, then went to our show.  Our hotel was within walking distance to the theater so everything we did, we could walk to, which seems unheard of in L.A.  The show was super fun, even though it was really irreverent.  

The theater was gorgeous and the singing and dancing were great.  

After the show, we headed back to our hotel only to discover that there was a club adjacent to our room and a well known DJ was spinning records.  It was loud enough that we could hear the vibrations from the music in our room.  We thought that most clubs went till about 2am so we would tough it out.  Apparently we are old now and instead of going to check things out and see the DJ, we stayed in our room.  Anyway, as 2am neared, the music showed no signs of stopping.  We called the front desk and found out that the music would be going till at least 4am.  We finally decided to leave and drive home in the middle of the night.  To say that we were disappointed was an understatement.  This was such a big deal for me to plan and surprise Phil with so I was crestfallen.  We called the hotel the next day and the music had gone on till 7am so we were glad that we had gone home.  We were not given any sort of refund and were told that the noise is what we should expect if we stay where we did.  Apparently that hotel is not for people who sleep at night.  

In March, we decided to try our luck again and go down to L.A. to see the actors from Mad Men at the Paley Festival Panel.  We did not stay at the Redbury this time.  For me, I felt such a rush to see the actors in person (especially Jon Hamm) and hear them talk about the show.  

This trip was much better than the last one and I'm so glad we got to go.  

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