Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Funny Little Guy

I love Ryan in so many ways, but lately, I have been smitten with his hilarious and developing sense of humor. Today, we were out running errands, when I remembered that he turned 20 months old today. I turned to him and said, "Ryan, it's your 20 month birthday." He looked at me for a second, and then asked, "cake?"

We also went to a friends baby shower today and he saw two little babies there. He has just learned the number two and the word baby so he was fascinated by the two of them. All afternoon he has been saying,"baby,"to me. I finally asked him, "Would you like a baby?" He nodded, "Yes." I said, "A brother or a sister?" (No, do not get any ideas. I am not pregnant.) He said, "brufa. Jack." I really think he just would like us to adopt his playmate, Jack, but I was amazed at how his little mind works and how conversational he has become.

Ryan amazes me everyday. I look forward to each weekend when I get two solid days with him. I cannot wait until the summer to spend so much more time with him and get to know him even better.

Valley Fever Update

Even though Phil has not yet tested positive for Valley Fever, the doctor still thinks that his symptoms are all pointing to valley fever. Because of this, he is treating him with an anti-fugal pill to help kill the valley fever. He has also placed Phil on disability leave from work. I'm really hoping that he will start recovering soon.

Phil's health, plus open house, and all the usual end of school busy-ness, has left me feeling really stressed. And tired. And hoping that the 9 days that are left of school will pass quickly.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Valley Fever-ish

Phil has been feeling under the weather for the last week and a half. He's had a constant fever and aches and no energy. He also doesn't want to eat, and for those of you who know Phil, he NEVER loses his appetite. He visited the doctor last week for a valley fever test, which came back negative, but he continues to have the same symptoms. He went back to the doctor today and the doctor took chest x-rays and wants him to come back at the end of the week for more blood work and then another appointment next Tuesday. Apparently, it's common for a person to test negative for valley fever in the early stages, but test positive later after one has had valley fever for a while. The doctor thinks this is probably the case. Please pray for Phil and that he will recover soon.

This whole situation has been tough for me to handle, along with the stresses that the end of the school year brings. I'm certainly counting down the days (17 to be exact).