Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Christmas Vacation

During Christmas vacation, my parents took the boys to Nacimiento for a fishing trip.  The boys stayed in a cabin on the lake and got to see deer (reindeer, if you ask Jack) and other wildlife.  They loved it.  Phil and I were at home and since Phil had to work, I had some time to work on painting the house.  We gave the hall bathroom a facelift and repainted our hallway.  

Phil and I really enjoyed our time together but were really happy to see the boys when they got home.  

Jack also surprised me by drawing a self portrait and writing his name.  I was thrilled because Jack never shows much enthusiasm for anything with pencil and paper.

On that last day of Christmas break, I took the boys to ice cream and to see the movie Frozen.  We had seen the trailer months back when all it had shown was a funny snowman and a reindeer running around.  Little did we know that it had princesses and drama in it.  About five minutes into the movie, Jack started asking where the snowman and the reindeer were in the movie.  He was not pleased with all the princesses.  At the climax of the movie, Jack stood up and yelled, "This movie is PG, it's too scary, and I'm going home!"  I scooped him up into my lap and held him close and felt his hear beat going 90 miles an hour.  Poor kid.  He was not pleased with our last day of break celebration.  

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