Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ryan's Thoughts On Kindergarten

Phil: How was your day at school?
Ryan: It was good, but the sad thing is, they have all these tubs of toys and they never let kids play with them!
Phil: Really?
Ryan: Ever!  They have all these toys and they never let kids play.
Phil: Is that because you're trying to learn?
Ryan: Yes.  They're just trying to make us do songs and papers and isn't that not so fun?!

 Ryan: We just have to sit in chairs and do all the work.

Ryan: Did you know Mrs. Thomas is nice?

Phil: What did you learn at school today?
Ryan: I learned Jack be nimble, Jack  be quick, Jack jump over the candle stick.  Jack would really like to jump over my candle stick.  If my candle was real and Jack jumped over it, he would burn his butt off.
(They later played Jack jump over the candle stick and Jack promptly smashed Ryan's candle.  There were lots of tears, but we repaired it.)

Ryan: We just have to sit in chairs and do all the work.

Day 2

Ryan: There is this girl in my class that cries all day and says, "I want my mom." This boy David said, "Stop sniffling." The teacher said, "No, David!" with her finger, just like the book!

Ryan: Guess what? Some of the kids say, "Help that smart guy."  
Phil: And who's the smart guy?
Ryan: They call me the smart guy.
Phil: Really?
Ryan: It's because I'm taller than them.  If you're taller, you're smarter.

Ryan: How come all the people at my school have weird names? I mean, there's a Mrs. Pazookie (Szcuzucki) and a Mr. Bowl (Boles) and a girl name Giselle?!?  Have you ever heard that name before?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Teacher outfit for fall... And an update

This evening, to de-stress, I turned to one of my other hobbies; online virtual shopping.  Tonight, I decided to make fun outfits on Polyvore, which lead to this creation, and me inadvertently posting it on my blog.  Ahhh, the wonders of technology.  

Teacher outfit for fall

Boyfriend cardigan

Halogen pencil skirt

Old navy

BP. leather boots

Fossil handbag

SALE - Baby Orange - Big Size Smooth Bubble Statement Necklace - Gold...

Anyway, my mind has been turned into a logistical nightmare of trying to figure out who is taking and picking up my kids from school and preschool while I will be working full time next week with my TWENTY-SEVEN first graders.  I am freaking out over Ryan going to kindergarten even though he is totally ready.  It's like he told everyone last year when he we didn't let him start kindergarten, "My mom's not ready yet."  I'm so excited for his school adventure to start, but I am and never have been good with uncertainties and not knowing what will come next.  I guess its also been hard because as a teacher, I DO have a choice of where to send my kid and I have struggled with knowing if sending him to our neighborhood school is best or taking him to my school is best.  There really is no answer to this question at this point.  And Jack.  Well, Ryan's preschool that I dearly loved closed at the end of the school year so Jack is starting preschool (already!) at a new place.  I don't know the people there like I did at Ryan's preschool.  I don't know the people at his elementary school like I do the people at my school.  We don't know the people in our neighborhood so this is new for our family.  My class is all new with more first graders than I've ever had before.  So I'm freaking out.  And Phil is being patient with me.  I know God has his hand on this even though this is so minor in the grand scheme of things.  I am struggling and I am distracting myself with silly things like looking at pretty clothes online.  

At least my inadvertent post turned into an update on my blog after a really long time, so there is that.  Maybe after our life gets into the new swing of things, I will have a moment to tell you all more about summer and the projects that I completed.  Here's hoping.  ;)