Saturday, December 21, 2013

Woodland Wonderland Quilt

My dear friend Anna is expecting her first baby, a boy, next April.  I am thrilled for her.  I thought a quilt was in order for her little one.  She is decorating the nursery with the theme of "Woodland Wonderland".  When she let us know that she would be in town this weekend and would be able to have her baby shower, I started planning what I would make.  I came up with this design.

I first purchased the animal fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  I then worked on finding the different patterns for the animals so I could paper piece them.  The fox, hedgehog, and mushroom are from a blog called Artesania.  The raccoon is from an Etsy shop called PieceByNumberQuilts.  The snail and tree are from another Etsy shop called ProtoQuilts.  The squirrel, bunny, and owl are from another Etsy seller called BubbleStitch.  Lastly, the feathers are from a tutorial from Anna Maria Horner. Each block measures 8" with a 3" sashing.  Each feather block measures 8"x17".  The fabrics used for the animals and feathers are from Strawberry Patches.  

All the animals were super tedious to make and there were moments when I wanted to give up.  Each one came out so cute so that I was able to persevere.  My mom was kind enough to appliqué the eyes for each animal.  

I really enjoyed making the feathers.  The process was a lot simpler than I thought it would be.  They were time consuming, but not difficult.  I went with a scrappy binding to show all the colors again.  

I am in love with this quilt, especially with all the long hours I spent piecing it together.  This one will be hard to give away.  Congratulations Anna!  I hope you love this quilt as much as I do.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Grandma's Birthday

My grandma Net fell and broke her other hip in August.  For her birthday, we threw her a big party with the whole family and brought her to her house (she has been recovering in a rehab facility).  She was delighted to be home and to see the whole family.  I think we were just as happy to have her back at her house.  To document the occasion, we had Lorie photograph all of us.  

The pictures of my boys with my grandma are probably my favorite of all.  They are just great.  

My boys look so sweet in this picture.  

It only lasted a moment and Jack let his true colors shine.  

Our extended family has partially gotten together once a week for as long as I remember.  Since Grandma fell, we hadn't all been together since August.  Her birthday party was a great get together for all of us.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again for Christmas.