Monday, February 18, 2008

Goldfish Project

Over Christmas vacation, I came up with the idea to redo Ryan's bathroom with a goldfish fabric that I had found this summer. I told my mom my idea and also told her that I would like to make a hooded towel for Ryan that looked like a goldfish. My mom took on the towel project and I sewed the new shower curtain. Now all I need is bath towels that match. Ryan calls his hooded towel his hat.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Morro Bay

This past weekend, we went to Morro Bay and took Ryan to the beach. He adores sand. When he stepped out onto the beach, he froze, looked around to take it in, then laid down and started making sand angels. He picked up fist fulls of sand and let each grain trickle through his fingers. If it were up to Ryan, he would never set foot inside. He loves the outdoors and enjoys getting absolutely filthy. Rocks and dirt are treasures that he likes to share with Mommy and Daddy.
Ryan also picked up several new words while at the beach. He would point to his t-shirt and say, "hawk," which means, "shark." To add to his delight, we took him to the little aquarium in MB where there were little sharks in the tanks. He pointed to every tank and asked to see the,"hawks."

Ryan's other new word that he learned was, "boats," pronounced, "bopes." He loved to stand out on my grandma's balcony and talk about the, "bopes," in the bay.
The weather the whole weekend couldn't have been better. Phil captured this perfect moment.