Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This year, we decided to have the boys try out some sports and see what they liked.  We also wanted them to get a basic understanding of how to play the games.  We joined Fun Sports soccer first in September/October.  Ryan was scared of it initially, but soon discovered that he liked it and displayed a good amount of aptitude while playing.  Jack was indifferent to the whole thing.  During the first game, he picked flowers and chased butterflies.  He also talked smack to the opposing team.  After the first few games, I gave him a talking to and reminded him that his job was to run with the ball and try and kick it in the net.  The next game, he ran off the field, grabbed an extra ball, and kicked it into the goal.  He wondered why I wasn't excited about that.  He let us know that he didn't like all the kids chasing after the same ball.  Next, we tried basketball.  Ryan was again scared to do it, but then immediately liked it and did well.  Jack again was indifferent and upset by all the kids chasing the ball.

At the first game, he spent his time running up and down the court as instructed, but when turning around to go to the other end of the court, he had to do a pole dance each time.  

We started T-ball for Jack last week and are hoping that he likes it better.  Ryan seemed to like softball.  We'll see how they do at the first game.  

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