Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amy Butler's Birdie Sling

Thanks to Katie loaning me her pattern for the birdie sling, I have started another Amy Butler bag. I went to Strawberry Patches yesterday to peruse the fabric selection. Suzanne helped me find a great mustard yellow/grey combo.

Amy Butler Optic Blossom

Holly Holderman Bubbles

Amy Butler Modern Martini

The first two fabrics I bought at Strawberry Patches, but they didn't have the last one so I ordered it. I am using the Optic Blossom for the exterior of the bag, the Modern Martini for the handles and band, and the Bubbles for the interior.

I also am incapable of following a pattern exactly. I read through the dimensions of the bag and it sounded absolutely huge. I resized it and made new pattern pieces. I also decided to include a magnetic clasp, a zippered pocket, and I resized the large pocket so that I can use it for bottles or sippy cups.

Yesterday, I cut out the pieces, attached the interfacing, basted the pleats in the exterior, and sewed the pockets into the interior panels. I was really impressed with myself for making a zippered pocket because I had never done that before. I found a great tutorial on jcaroline creative that showed how to do it. Now I am stuck waiting until the Modern Martini fabric arrives, at which point I can construct the band and handles and finish the bag. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Purse for a Great Friend

A great friend of mine is having a birthday this week.  For her gift, I made her this bag.  I was inspired by Amy Butler's Birdie Sling pattern, but I don't own this pattern, and after sewing her diaper bag and a few other things by her, I was not excited to try another of her patterns. I searched the internet for something I'd like to try and found this pattern for free at Burda Style.  It was a little difficult to understand at first because the instructions had been poorly translated from German, but it was very simple once I looked it over.  I did add interfacing to make it a little more sturdy and less slouchy, but overall, the pattern was easy to follow.  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a fun Easter this year. We celebrated at the Fast's house. The Voss family also came and joined us, which gave Ryan some playmates for the egg hunt. We also celebrated an Easter with Phil's mom and Don last weekend. Here are some pictures from the two celebrations.

Family Picture

Phil and Ryan being "cool"

Finding eggs in the tree

Madelyn finding eggs

Ryan hunting eggs at Grammy's

Found one!

Basket is filling up

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nursery Update

Yesterday, with a lot of help from Phil and my mom, the nursery was painted and the glider was reupholstered.  I taped off and prepped the room yesterday morning.  When Phil got home from work, he painted the whole thing.  I touched up this morning.  We are very pleased with the outcome.  

Yesterday morning and most of today, I worked with my mom on the chair.  I was scared to take apart the old cushions because I really like them still, but they just don't go.  My mom helped me get over that, and with her expertise, we now have a glider that matches.

The crib with the new wall color

Window valance

Painted nursery
Now I just need to figure out what sort of decorations to put on the walls.  Suggestions?