Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boy Pants

I have been wanting to make these boy pants ever since I saw them on Made by Rae's Celebrate the Boy month. Last week, my mom and I went to Strawberry Patches to pick some accent fabric to make these pants. My mom already had a lot of left over khaki twill so I knew I would use that for the main fabric for these pants. The difficult part of this was that the pattern came in a size 3. I had to figure out how to make these work in different sizes for Jack and Ryan. These pants were also fully lined. I made them according to the directions, but they were really bulky. I removed the top portion of the lining and just kept the lining for the cuffs. Much better. They are also a lot less bulky and fit better on the boys. I also got the latest Boden catalog and I fell in love with the monster shirts. I decided that the boys would need monster shirts to match their pants. I'm really please with how they came out.

Ryan also really likes his monster shirt!

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Dress

While I was in Portland I found a great little fabric store called Josephine's Dry Goods. This store was small, but focused on garment sewing instead of quilting. They had absolutely gorgeous fabrics. I fell in love with a collection called Spellbound and settled on the fabric called "Blue Wallpaper." I knew I wanted to make either a blouse or a dress, but the fabric print was busy so I knew the design had to be simple. While reading Anna Maria Horner's blog, I so her tutorial on this dress and knew that had to be the one. I made a few tweaks to the design to suit me and below is the dress I came up with. I love it and it is the most comfortable dress ever.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This past weekend, we went to Disneyland to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. Our friend Karen, who works at Disneyland, had called us and told us to go to city hall where she would have some badges waiting for us. She had left a birthday button for my dad, two "It's my first visit" badges for Jack and Ryan, and an autographed picture of Donald for Ryan and an autographed picture for Jack of Mickey. From there, we went to Ryan's most anticipated ride: Autopia. He was so excited. They handed out drivers lisences while we were in line, which I thought was really cool. He decided to go with Pa and I drove with Jack.

Ryan with his drivers lisence

Ryan said that the ride was great and he was ready to go again. Next we ate lunch, went on Buzz Lightyear, and then, the rockets. While in line there, two guys tried to crowd us and we told them that it wasn't acceptable. They just ignored us and wouldn't make eye contact. When the line started moving again, I told them they could go behind us, which they did. Finally, when we were up at the front, I let the workers know what they had done and then were escorted from the line. My dad felt vindicated. It was a hot day with a line full of little kids. No way should 2 guys in their 20's crowd everyone. Anyway, after the rockets, we headed over to Fantasyland where we had to go on Mister Toad's because Ryan saw that again, we could drive a car. I was a little afraid he would be scared, but he liked it.

Out front of Mister Toads

At this point, we were getting really hot and tired, so we opted for Small World. The kids loved it, and we really enjoyed, the long, COOL, boat ride. Ryan sang along during the entire ride while waving "hi" to all the "little people (as he called them)." Jack "danced" to the music.

Mom and Dad and Jack on the boat ride

Phil and me on It's a Small World

At this point, we all needed a break, so we took the shuttle back to the hotel and the boys took naps, while we went swimming and rested. We headed to downtown Disney for dinner, then back to the park. They were starting to rope things off for the fireworks show by the time we got back and to our disappointment, they closed Fantasyland because of the fireworks as well. We headed to Pirates and the Haunted House while the fireworks were going on. We were sad to miss the fireworks, but we also were able to get right on several rides. Our last ride of the evening was Splash Mountain. Ryan REALLY wanted to go on it and I was a little worried he wouldn't like either the drop, or getting wet, but we said he could go. He also insisted on riding in the front. I made Phil tell him about getting wet and that he would want to duck and he still wanted to do it. We had a great time, until the drop. Ryan DID NOT like getting wet, but the picture from the ride made us laugh so hysterically that we had to get it. My dad said it was worthy of being hung over a mantle.

Finally, we were all exhausted (and Jack had lost a shoe somewhere along the way) so we headed back for the night.

The next morning, we woke up and had Micky Mouse pancakes. Next, Ryan went to Tarzan's Treehouse, and then we went on the Jungle cruise. Ryan was totally into both. He thought everything was real and bought into it all. It was great.

We also rode Snow White, and Peter Pan, which is still one of my favorite rides. Ryan couldn't stand it anymore and NEEDED to meet Lightening McQueen! We headed over to California Adventure so we could meet him. Ryan lit up when he saw Mater and McQueen and wanted to run over and check them out and play in their shop. We had to tell him that there was a line for photos and he would have to wait his turn. He did and was overjoyed when we got to see them.

These guys are ultimate celebrities in the 3 year old world! After our picture was taken, the photographers were calling for the next group and were telling us we needed to go. Ryan thought that we could stay indefinitely with McQueen and Mater and cried when he found out we had to go. Poor guy. He was tired and hungry. After buying him a Car Movie car, we went to lunch, then onto Soarin' over California. Ryan said, "I'll sit between you and Pa so you guys don't get scared." We all loved it and as we landed, Ryan exclaimed, "Let's do it again. That was GREAT!"

Ryan and Jack went back with my mom and dad for a nap, while Phil and Julie went on some more rides, and I went to downtown Disney to look for some shoes to replace Jack's missing one. After naptime was over, the boys and my parents met us at California Adventure for the Pixar Parade where Ryan and Jack saw McQueen and Mater driving. Jack was squealing and reaching for them when they came by and Ryan just stared at them. They LOVE cars.

Our last ride was the Toy Story ride, which had the LONGEST wait of anything. We really enjoyed it, but were exhausted at the end of two hot and humid days at Disneyland. We packed up and headed home. Upon leaving the park Ryan asked, "when are we coming back?" We said we didn't know but we would definitely be returning. Ryan said, "How 'bout Saturday?" If only...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shirt in a Day Class

I've had a lot of you express interest in my projects, so I thought I'd offer a sewing class! We will be making a Cynthia Rowley top, Simplicity pattern 2593. This is a super basic pattern and a beginner will definitely be successful. This top may look tricky, but I assure you it is not.

The class will be held Saturday, July 31st, from 10am-4pm. The class will cost $45. I am able to have a total of 5 people due to space constraints, first come, first serve. I am also willing to offer more classes for the same or other projects, depending on interest. I will be providing the pattern and lunch, as well as hands on knowledge. Each person will be responsible to bring the following items:
  • 2 1/8 yds COTTON fabric (no knits please). This fabric needs to be pre-washed, dried, and pressed so it is ready to cut and sew.
  • thread to match your fabric
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins
**You may bring matching bias tape if you wish to use it on your shirt. You also may bring a sewing measuring tape if you have one. If not, I have a few.

If you are interested in signing up, please leave a comment saying so along with your email address. I also need your bust measurement, along with your typical blouse size so I know what size patterns to get. I will contact you from there with driving directions and I will answer any other questions you may have. I'm looking forward to a sewing day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Portland Zoo

Last Sunday, when our family had fully recovered from the flu, we headed to the Portland Zoo. We met our friends, Ben and Alli, and their little boy, Clark, as well as Doug and Vanessa. Doug, Ryan (he had a sleep-over the night before at Uncle Doug's), and Vanessa met us at our apartment so that we could take the MAX to the zoo (as per Ryan's request).
Ryan sleeping in his fort at Doug and Vanessa's

When we arrived at the zoo, Ryan and Uncle Doug saw these two bears and had to have a picture with them. I don't know if Doug or the bears are bigger. Either way, I love this picture.

Next, we walked through the Pacific Northwest area of the zoo. The greenery was beautiful. Phil captured this great shot of the trees.

Doug and Vanessa

Ryan crawling through a log

Next we saw some turtles, ducks, and frogs. Clark was checking everything out through the glass. I love this picture with Clark's reflection.

Ben was helping Ryan see the animals

Phil and I realized that we only have two pictures of the 4 of us and decided that the zoo was a great place for a family photograph. As you can tell by Ryan's squirming and expression, he did not really agree.

Ryan and Jack loved the petting zoo and tractor the most. I think it felt the most like home. I love this moment of Ryan giving Jack a hug, although I'm sure seconds after this picture was snapped, Jack started squealing because Ryan was holding him too tight.

The boys liked the goats so, so much. Unfortunately, I've been fighting blogger to upload these pictures for days, and for whatever reason, it didn't like the goat pictures. Ryan wants us to get a goat if we ever move to the country. He also wants us to get a baby tiger and a giraffe for our country home.
In the petting zoo

The zoo also had a dinosaur exhibit going on. We didn't pay extra to go through it because the boys overwhelmed enough with the regular zoo. Ryan really liked that there were dinosaurs all over the zoo and wanted to know how we could make them un-extinct.

The elephant in the Asia exhibit was next. I love elephants. They look so gentle, even though they are huge.

Next, we went to the Africa exhibit and saw the lions. They were gorgeous. There were several female lions and one beautiful male lion.

Ryan found this safari jeep and loved it, of course. He could have stayed there a lot longer.

After the giraffe and the Africa exhibit, Jack had fallen asleep and Ryan was seconds away from a meltdown since we were a good 2 hours past nap time. On the way out, we saw the Lorikeet exhibit and knew we had to stop there. Ryan and I had been to a Lorikeet exhibit with Malisa when we went to South Carolina, but Ryan didn't remember it. We bought the little juice cups and headed in to feed the birds.

Jack wanted to grab the birds in the worst way so we had to constantly convince him that he just needed to look. Ryan immediately found a little bird friend that started drinking from his juice cup. He accidentally spilled it and tried desperately to fight of the tirade of tired tears that had built up from not napping. Finally they overwhelmed him and he fell on the ground and sobbed. I dashed out to the nice man at the juice cup booth, got him another cup, and in no time, Ryan and his bird friend were fast friends again.
I love Ryan peering over the top of his glasses in this picture

The Lorikeets were our last stop before catching the MAX and heading home. We had a great time and hope to go back again on our next visit. Portland was a great vacation for us and I feel like we only got a taste of the city. With so many of our friends now living in the area, we hope we have many excuses to go back.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jamison Square

The flu lasted for 2 days for me. Phil started getting sick when I started feeling better. I was just thankful we weren't both sick at the same time because I don't know how we would have taken care of the boys. Unfortunately, we were sick for Doug's birthday party, which is one of the reasons we chose to visit Portland that particular week. Anyway, when Phil was convalescing and I was feeling better, I asked around for a park to take the boys to. We were closest to Jamison square, which we had been to on our last visit, but I hadn't remembered where it was. I walked the boys over to the park and I saw the water play area. First I just rolled up their jeans and took off their shoes. Ryan pleaded with me to let him get soaked and Jack made it clear that he was going to throw himself into the water weather I liked it or not. I took off Ryan's shirt and let him soak his jeans and I stripped Jack down to his diaper. They both squealed with glee and took off for the wading area. It was great. We made 2 visits to this park and loved every second of it.

The water would bubble up over the steps and fill the area in front, then would slowly receded like a wave and do it again. It was very cool.

Jack in his diaper

Ryan in his soaked jeans

On our trip 2 years ago to Portland, we had been lost and had discovered a wonderful cupcake place. We wanted to go there again, but didn't know the name or where it was. Lucky for us, on our way to Jamison square, we found Cupcake Jones. On our second trip to the water area, we made sure to stop off for a fabulous red velvet cream cheese filled cupcake. It was to die for. This park is in the neighborhood called the Pearl and I absolutely love this area of town. It is very family friendly, has great restaurants, and Anthropologie, where I did some damage on the credit card, but it sure was fun. Anyway, I can't wait to go back and visit this neighborhood again.

Portland Children's Museum

Portland... Day 2

Day 2, we woke up refreshed and ready to do something with the boys. I had read about the Portland Children's Museum and Ryan and I had looked at pictures of the museum on the website. I was really excited to go as was Ryan. Not only were we going to the museum, but we were going there on the MAX train. Public Transportation. And Ryan was THRILLED. I don't know which was more exciting for him, because he was positively giddy about all of it. The first exhibit when we walked in was the water center. The kids walked in and got to put on a rain coat, then play at all the water centers. Jack LOVES water and was thrilled that he could splash and get wet. Despite the slicker, he got his clothes wet.

One of the water gadgets

Jack splashing at the water table

Phil and I taking a self portrait

Another water contraption

More water gadgets

Another favorite at the museum for the boys was the Vroom Vroom Room. It had a bus and an ambulance to play in, as well as a huge wooden train set. The boys were in heaven.
Jack driving the bus

Ryan driving the ambulance

Next, we visited the pet hospital, where the kids could dress up as veterinarians and care for stuffed animals. There were bandages, collars, leashes, a bathing center, and a dog walking park, as well as an examination table. Ryan loved it.

Ryan entering information into the computer about his pet

Last, we found the "dirt" room. The "dirt" was some kind of foam material that looked like rocks and pebbles, but wasn't dirty. I loved this. The boys were thrilled at the amount of trucks and digging equipment available.

Jack playing in the dirt

Ryan collecting rocks

We also visited a little area for kids under 3 that was perfect for Jack, but I didn't get an pictures. There was also a building room, a stage where kids could dress up and put on a performance, and a boat. It was the coolest place.

As we road home on the MAX, I started to feel nauseous. By the time we got home, I knew I had the flu bug I had so desperately tried to avoid the week before when Ryan had it. This was not good timing for our vacation.