Tuesday, July 1, 2014

May 2014

May was a really busy month for our family, as usual.  We started the month with Children's Day at our church.  All the kids were included in our worship service.  Following the service, we had a church picnic and carnival.  I think all the kids had a great time.  Since I am on the Children's Committee, we were in charge of the day and the carnival.  It was a lot of work, but it was also really fun.  

We also had to bring desserts to the picnic.  Children's Day took place on May the 4th so we had Star Wars cupcakes.  

For Mother's Day, I got to go and have a manicure and pedicure.  

The boys also made these gifts for me.  

Our next big event in May was Jack's preschool graduation.  To celebrate, we went to Dewar's afterwards.  Ryan ordered the Lime Sorbet, which was really sour.  The boys took turns taking bites and making sour faces.  

During April and May, the boys played softball with Fun Sports.  We had the strangest weather.  Our first game was super cold and windy.  Our second game had 100 degree weather and the games were only a week apart.  There was no shade at the game sight so we all put our umbrellas to use to block the sun.  

"Look, Mom, it's a domi-not"

For every sport this year, Ryan was on the same team as his new friend, Jake.  They really enjoyed playing together this year and became good friends.  

Another big even this year was May Dinner and Open House at school.  

The big plant below is Ryan's bean stalk from his plant unit at school.  It grew so much bigger than any other students'.  He named it Captain Beanstalk.  

Ryan has also become quite the artist this year.  Here are some of the drawings he completed.  

May was also the beginning of the swim season for us this year.  

Lastly, we lost our good friend, Mario, in May.  He was an absolutely crazy, but lovable dog.  He is already missed.  

Mario 1999-2014

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