Monday, November 10, 2008

New Family Photos

Blogger and I have had a long struggle today over whether or not it would allow me to post my pictures. I have conquered in this situation. Anyway, once again, the fabulous Ellie Grover took pictures of our family. I wanted to share a few of my favorites. Here they are. Isn't Ellie great?!?!?!?

Ogden 9

Ogden 145

Ogden 136

Ogden 135

Ogden 83

Ogden 67

Ogden 50

Ogden 31

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Brother

It turns out that Ryan is going to be a big brother. A baby brother or sister is due to arrive June 15, 2009.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend was very busy for us. Friday was Halloween. Ryan dressed as Mickey Mouse. He loved his costume and insisted on wearing it again on Saturday. He wanted to wear it again on Sunday, but lucky for me, it was dirty. Ryan loved ringing the doorbell and yelling, "Trick or Treat!", but he was really afraid of "scary guys." (Kids wearing ghoulish masks and scary ghost decorations.) We had a great night.

On Saturday, the fifth annual Night of Hospitality was held at my church. In the picture, you can see the table my mom decorated with different kinds of silverware. It was very cute. Anna attended with me and we had a great time.
Yesterday was my grandma's 80th birthday. We had a fun time. Ryan felt that it took a little too long to get our dinner. At one point, he put his head down on the table and said, "corn dog," (which he had ordered for dinner). When the waitress finally brought his food, his face lit up as if it was Christmas and he saw all his presents for the first time. I wonder who he takes after? As soon as he finished eating, he started asking for "happy cake."

Grandma let him stick his fingers in the cake and eat the frosting. He told her, "me feel better now."

Finally, the waitress came and lit the candles and Ryan and Grandma blew them out. I really enjoyed our whole family being together and having dinner together. I think Grandma had a great time too. Below is a picture of what I made for Grandma's present. The text is written out below.

You are such a special person to me and our entire family. I am so thankful for you and all the special memories I have with you. I thought I’d share a few recollections with you.

  • The toy bedroom and all its loot has always been a favorite memory for me. I remember being full of giddy anticipation when you would tell me there was a new addition in that room.
  • You helped me paint my first nativity scene at your house on a giant desk pad sheet.
  • I think I also wrote my first newspaper at your house with you. You helped me publish it on your copy machine.
  • Thanks for helping Julie and me with our AWANA sections and special projects.
  • When my mom went back to work, I loved that you were our daily baby sitter until she got home. I also loved the few surprise days when Grandpa came to watch us.
  • I loved the fog delays from RBG because it meant Julie, Katie, Denise and I could all play at your house together all day (if they cancelled).
  • Your house and yard and haystack are all magical and have all transformed into many different things. The calf stall has been a ship, the haystack turned into a cabin in the 1800’s, and the old cotton picker cab has been too many things to remember.
  • I appreciate that you taught me how to squeeze out my first zwiebach and twist the ears of my first Easter Bunny.
  • You helped me quilt my first Barbie quilt.
  • You only ever got mad at us girls once and we deserved it.
  • Thanks for always being my number one fan and always telling me that I am great.
  • I loved the special movie trips that you took the grandkids to and I appreciate that you wanted us to know that we should be careful because it was dark.
  • Thanks for our girl trips to Morro Bay. I remember peddling the bike cart with you while Katie, Denise, and Julie rode in the basket. I will also never forget taking the boat across to the sandspit where you caught the leg of your pants and fell in.
  • Christmas Eve is still and always has been my favorite moment of the year because you have made it so special for us. I love it when our whole family is together and everyone is laughing and tearing paper simultaneously.
  • Monday lunches are still an event I look forward to each week and I’m so happy that Ryan gets to now anticipate those with me.
  • I love experiencing your house through Ryan’s eyes and reliving my special memories.
  • I love the wisdom you’ve given me over the years regarding many things including fog delays, elections, sewing, cooking, and maternity clothes shopping.
  • Thanks for letting Rita be your part time dog and loving her as much as I do.

Grandma, you are a Great-Grandma now, but I think “great” has always been part of your title. I love you.