Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jack's Nemo Party

Jack is a fan of all things Pixar so when we were trying to pick a theme for his birthday party, we were trying to decide between his three favorites: Cars, Nemo, and Toy Story.  I had already done a Cars party for Ryan so I didn't want to do that again.  Jack seemed really happy whenever I showed him Toy Story or Nemo stuff, but it seemed really fun and fitting to do a fish/ ocean party in the month of June for my water lover.  I made a little invitation and emailed it out.  I also found some darling little cupcake picks on Etsy that had Nemo on them and I bought them.  What I should have done was checked at Party City or Target to see if anyone actually carried Nemo stuff in town.  Had I done that, I may have chosen a different theme because there it NOTHING in town that has to do with Nemo.  The only Nemo thing I found was a cute little candle from Vons and it was in the gift wrap section, not in the birthday cake decoration section.  Regardless of my decorating challenges,  I really like how everything came together.

 A 2 balloon instead of Nemo but we did have real goldfish in a bowl

 My patio

 Table decorations

 My little non-smiler

 Love this look

 Delicious cupcakes with my own version of rainbow chip frosting with Nemo colored chips

 What a look

Big brother Ryan "helping" Jack with every present

We all had a great time and the kids had a blast.  Thanks to everyone who came.  Jack loves all his gifts and Ryan is just waiting for him to loose interest so he can have a turn.  


  1. The colors remind me of the shower curtain you made. Did that make it's way into the decor :) Very fun!

  2. I'm cracking up cuz i just threw ollie a nemo party and experienced the same frustrations. We ended up making a lot of the same stuff, LOL! Love it!