Friday, June 24, 2011

New blanket for a new cousin

My cousin Katie had her baby, Charlie Aaron, this Monday. He weighed 11 lbs., 6oz. and was 23.5 inches long. He is oh so cute. To celebrate his arrival, I made him a blanket using Moda's Hullabaloo line. I really love this fabric collection and had been waiting for someone to have a baby boy so I could sew
with it. Since Katie and John didn't find out ahead of time, I had to wait (something I'm not fond of or good at). Anyway I was thrilled to sew with these fabrics and am so happy with the end result. I hope Charlie likes it too. I can't wait to hold that little guy again. Check put his pictures on Katie's blog.

(Incidentally our computer is on the fritz and will be out for repair so I will be posting from my phone until the problem is fixed.)


  1. Insert joke about pc verses mac. blah blah blah.


  2. Oh thats real cute! Is that a real for reals pocket in the middle?

  3. We all love the blanket! Thanks for such a special gift. I was worried that Charlie wouldn't get any special handmades of his own...glad my worries were for naught :)

  4. very cute!

    we had so much fun hanging out with you and the boys the other day. we have to do it again, soon!