Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bunk Beds

Ever since I had moved the boys into the same room together, I had wanted bunk beds so they would have more room to play. Jack has also been climbing out of his crib for some time, which has made me nervous. I took the side off, which Jack LOVED but lack of space was still an issue. Sunday morning I checked craigslist and discovered a great set of bunk beds that came with mattresses. I contacted the seller and by the afternoon, we heard back. Arrangements were made and we went and picked up the beds that evening. By that night they were put together and the boys were ready for bed. Ryan was nervous about being so high up and Jack was mad that he didn't get to sleep on the top too. After some convincing and coaxing, they went to sleep. The next day we headed to Target for some proper sheets. The boys were in love with Cars 2 sheets so that is what we got. When I made the beds, Ryan squealed in delight and Jack promptly unmade the bed so he could see Francesco (Tesco), McQueen (Queen), and Mater. The new sheets certainly made going to bed more exciting, but falling asleep more challenging.

This morning, the boys were fast asleep like this. I think they're settling in.


  1. omygosh you are SO brave doing bunk beds! i still won't let finn and calvin have bunks...especially because finn gets up almost every night staggering like a deer in the headlights, looking for the potty, LOL. He'd fall right off the top, of this I am certain.

    But yay for extra space!!! That will be awesome!

  2. That looks great! Glad you found what you were looking for.

  3. Oh so jealous! I ALWAYs wanted bunk beds!