Saturday, September 12, 2009

Car Cake and Birthdays

September is upon us and in our family, that means lots of celebrations. The 6th was our anniversary and Phil and I got to have a date and had dinner at Frugatti's. Yesterday was my birthday and we had dinner with my family. Tomorrow, we'll celebrate all the September birthday's with my extended family. We'll finally finish it all off with Ryan's first friend party next weekend. The party tomorrow means that I had to bake Ryan's race track cake today. This was no easy task with two children in the house. My mommy brain couldn't think clearly with all the distractions so I made a huge mistake of not putting my cake plate under my 9x13 cake pan, and THEN flipping it over. Instead, I went with the dump approach and consequently broke apart our cake. I was upset, Ryan was in tears, and I thought I had ruined everything. Anyway, frosting and Oreo cookie crumbs seemed to be able to fix everything and the cake turned out looking better than expected.

The damaged cake

Ryan asking if it was going to be alright

Ryan yelling, "CHEESE," with the finished product

Happy Ryan

And this was Ryan when he realized that he would have to wait til tomorrow to eat his cake and get his cars back. Poor kid. Being nearly 3 is hard.

Lastly, here is a video of Ryan giving his thoughts on his cake and his upcoming birthday.


  1. Cute. You make a good cake repairwoman. Happy birthday to Ryan!

  2. Jenny! His little voice is so precious! I miss him, and can't wait to meet his new partner in crime, JACK! Come on Christmastime!

  3. fun cake! looks fun AND delicious! Happy 3rd little Ryan!