Thursday, July 1, 2010

Portland Children's Museum

Portland... Day 2

Day 2, we woke up refreshed and ready to do something with the boys. I had read about the Portland Children's Museum and Ryan and I had looked at pictures of the museum on the website. I was really excited to go as was Ryan. Not only were we going to the museum, but we were going there on the MAX train. Public Transportation. And Ryan was THRILLED. I don't know which was more exciting for him, because he was positively giddy about all of it. The first exhibit when we walked in was the water center. The kids walked in and got to put on a rain coat, then play at all the water centers. Jack LOVES water and was thrilled that he could splash and get wet. Despite the slicker, he got his clothes wet.

One of the water gadgets

Jack splashing at the water table

Phil and I taking a self portrait

Another water contraption

More water gadgets

Another favorite at the museum for the boys was the Vroom Vroom Room. It had a bus and an ambulance to play in, as well as a huge wooden train set. The boys were in heaven.
Jack driving the bus

Ryan driving the ambulance

Next, we visited the pet hospital, where the kids could dress up as veterinarians and care for stuffed animals. There were bandages, collars, leashes, a bathing center, and a dog walking park, as well as an examination table. Ryan loved it.

Ryan entering information into the computer about his pet

Last, we found the "dirt" room. The "dirt" was some kind of foam material that looked like rocks and pebbles, but wasn't dirty. I loved this. The boys were thrilled at the amount of trucks and digging equipment available.

Jack playing in the dirt

Ryan collecting rocks

We also visited a little area for kids under 3 that was perfect for Jack, but I didn't get an pictures. There was also a building room, a stage where kids could dress up and put on a performance, and a boat. It was the coolest place.

As we road home on the MAX, I started to feel nauseous. By the time we got home, I knew I had the flu bug I had so desperately tried to avoid the week before when Ryan had it. This was not good timing for our vacation.

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  1. That museum looks AWESOME!!! And yes...the flu...we had it over here too! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip :)