Thursday, July 22, 2010


This past weekend, we went to Disneyland to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. Our friend Karen, who works at Disneyland, had called us and told us to go to city hall where she would have some badges waiting for us. She had left a birthday button for my dad, two "It's my first visit" badges for Jack and Ryan, and an autographed picture of Donald for Ryan and an autographed picture for Jack of Mickey. From there, we went to Ryan's most anticipated ride: Autopia. He was so excited. They handed out drivers lisences while we were in line, which I thought was really cool. He decided to go with Pa and I drove with Jack.

Ryan with his drivers lisence

Ryan said that the ride was great and he was ready to go again. Next we ate lunch, went on Buzz Lightyear, and then, the rockets. While in line there, two guys tried to crowd us and we told them that it wasn't acceptable. They just ignored us and wouldn't make eye contact. When the line started moving again, I told them they could go behind us, which they did. Finally, when we were up at the front, I let the workers know what they had done and then were escorted from the line. My dad felt vindicated. It was a hot day with a line full of little kids. No way should 2 guys in their 20's crowd everyone. Anyway, after the rockets, we headed over to Fantasyland where we had to go on Mister Toad's because Ryan saw that again, we could drive a car. I was a little afraid he would be scared, but he liked it.

Out front of Mister Toads

At this point, we were getting really hot and tired, so we opted for Small World. The kids loved it, and we really enjoyed, the long, COOL, boat ride. Ryan sang along during the entire ride while waving "hi" to all the "little people (as he called them)." Jack "danced" to the music.

Mom and Dad and Jack on the boat ride

Phil and me on It's a Small World

At this point, we all needed a break, so we took the shuttle back to the hotel and the boys took naps, while we went swimming and rested. We headed to downtown Disney for dinner, then back to the park. They were starting to rope things off for the fireworks show by the time we got back and to our disappointment, they closed Fantasyland because of the fireworks as well. We headed to Pirates and the Haunted House while the fireworks were going on. We were sad to miss the fireworks, but we also were able to get right on several rides. Our last ride of the evening was Splash Mountain. Ryan REALLY wanted to go on it and I was a little worried he wouldn't like either the drop, or getting wet, but we said he could go. He also insisted on riding in the front. I made Phil tell him about getting wet and that he would want to duck and he still wanted to do it. We had a great time, until the drop. Ryan DID NOT like getting wet, but the picture from the ride made us laugh so hysterically that we had to get it. My dad said it was worthy of being hung over a mantle.

Finally, we were all exhausted (and Jack had lost a shoe somewhere along the way) so we headed back for the night.

The next morning, we woke up and had Micky Mouse pancakes. Next, Ryan went to Tarzan's Treehouse, and then we went on the Jungle cruise. Ryan was totally into both. He thought everything was real and bought into it all. It was great.

We also rode Snow White, and Peter Pan, which is still one of my favorite rides. Ryan couldn't stand it anymore and NEEDED to meet Lightening McQueen! We headed over to California Adventure so we could meet him. Ryan lit up when he saw Mater and McQueen and wanted to run over and check them out and play in their shop. We had to tell him that there was a line for photos and he would have to wait his turn. He did and was overjoyed when we got to see them.

These guys are ultimate celebrities in the 3 year old world! After our picture was taken, the photographers were calling for the next group and were telling us we needed to go. Ryan thought that we could stay indefinitely with McQueen and Mater and cried when he found out we had to go. Poor guy. He was tired and hungry. After buying him a Car Movie car, we went to lunch, then onto Soarin' over California. Ryan said, "I'll sit between you and Pa so you guys don't get scared." We all loved it and as we landed, Ryan exclaimed, "Let's do it again. That was GREAT!"

Ryan and Jack went back with my mom and dad for a nap, while Phil and Julie went on some more rides, and I went to downtown Disney to look for some shoes to replace Jack's missing one. After naptime was over, the boys and my parents met us at California Adventure for the Pixar Parade where Ryan and Jack saw McQueen and Mater driving. Jack was squealing and reaching for them when they came by and Ryan just stared at them. They LOVE cars.

Our last ride was the Toy Story ride, which had the LONGEST wait of anything. We really enjoyed it, but were exhausted at the end of two hot and humid days at Disneyland. We packed up and headed home. Upon leaving the park Ryan asked, "when are we coming back?" We said we didn't know but we would definitely be returning. Ryan said, "How 'bout Saturday?" If only...


  1. ADORABLE. and seriously the picutre on splash mountain KILLS me=) so glad you guys had such a great time!

  2. I can just picture Ryan staring at McQueen and Mater in the parade...about the only time he didn't have a word to say. hahaha

  3. I love Ryan's expression in the splash mountain picture!