Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ryan Visits Mommy in the Hospital

My mom has been urging me to post some more Ryan-isms so here goes.

My dad and Ryan decided that we should properly celebrate Jack's birthday by having a "happy cake" as Ryan calls it. My mom obliged and baked a wonderful chocolate sheet cake and brought it to the hospital to share with us. After the cake was eaten, all the guys left for another celebration of cigars and whisky on our back patio, while my mom and Ryan stayed with Jack and me at the hospital. Jack got hungry after while and so I fed him. Ryan was horrified and asked, "Why's that baby chewin' on your boobie?!?!" He couldn't get over it and started sobbing. He's starting to get past this, but is still confused about the whole thing.

Next, Ryan let me know that he needed to use the restroom. I helped him to the bathroom, and closed the door to let him have some privacy. I heard him talking to himself like usual and thought nothing of it. After a few minutes, two panicked nurses came running into my room, asking, "Are you alright?" I said, that I was, and was confused for a moment, until I realized that Ryan had pulled the emergency cord in the restroom. The nurses quickly learned who he was from this incident.

After while, the guys returned and we let Ryan know that it was time for him to go home. He had apparently thought that he was staying the night, or that I would be coming home with him. He immediately had a meltdown that broke my heart, and started saying, "But I need you Mommy, I need you!!!" I heard him all the way down the hallway and past the nurses station. My mom said the only time he stopped was when he was in the elevator and was allowed to push the buttons. When we were discharged the following morning the nurses said, "Oh good, now you can get home and see Ryan." I guess I have a memorable kid.

Now that we've been home a few days, we're starting to settle in a little bit. Ryan told me yesterday that he loves being a big brother and he really likes Jack. He "read" him stories this morning and showed him many of the toys that he has in his bedroom. I'm getting used to having two, which is so much easier than getting used to the first one, in my opinion. I've had a little trouble with the baby blues setting in and some of my same problems with anxiety resurfacing, but the doctor said that would be likely and helped me out with some meds, so I'm doing a lot better and getting my rest. I really do feel a lot better than I ever felt after Ryan, but it does help that Jack has been a very mellow baby. He just melts into me when I hold him and I'm so thankful that he doesn't seem to have the colic or the reflux that Ryan had. What a blessing.

Jack 1 week old


  1. Hey Jenny! I am soooo not good at checking blogs, but I checked in this time and I just wanted to say that it was awesome to see your little guy last weekend! You guys are so cute and I already know what an adorable little boy you now have on your hands :) I love it! ANNNND - I spied your yellow shirt which I think you were wearing when I came to visit - YOU MADE THAT!?!?! You're crazy! (and awesome at the same time) Love you guys!

  2. They are both such cute kids! I'm entertained by the Ryanisms!