Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 17th

I just got back from my checkup this week.  Jack has stayed put since last week.  I am hoping that he decides to come in the near future, but I did get to schedule my last two appointments.  I will see the P.A. next Wednesday and if Jack still hasn't come by his due date, I will see my doctor on the 17th and I will be induced.  
I do like the number 17 for his due date because Ryan was born 9-17-06 and Jack's birthday would be 6-17-09, a palindrome of sorts.  We shall see what the next two weeks bring.  She also said she thought he'd be around 8 lbs., just like Ryan.  Only time will tell.  


  1. the 17th would make a great birthday! but hopefuly he comes sooner for your sake.

  2. I love the palindrome! I think it is lovely! Hope you are as comfortable as possible until then.

  3. 6/17 is a good birthday! (I must say I'm a little biased though.) The only problem is sometimes we have to share it with Fathers Day.