Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today has not been my day. For whatever reason, I just couldn't get my stuff together and get in the car to go to work. I think it took me three trips to get everything into the car and on one of those "trips", due to having no equilibrium from being pregnant, I fell down. I finally thought I had everything in the car and was off to work, only to discover that I had left my lunch in the fridge. My morning at work went fine and when I went to find out if anyone wanted to come with me to get some lunch, my friends let me know there were a ton of subway sandwiches in the fridge leftover from yesterday's author visit. I thought that things were on the up and up. I had left my water bottle in the classroom, but had remembered my purse, so I bought a much needed and not often had, diet coke. I left the lounge, only to open my classroom, walk to my desk, and narrowly miss a drop of water falling from the ceiling. I looked up to see a bowed, soaked, dripping ceiling tile. I called the office to let them know, and I also remembered that my overhead light bulb had gone out in the morning, which I also told the secretary. They said they'd send a janitor over, and see if there were any light bulbs on our budget-depleted campus. (There are not, by the way.)

The janitor came a few minutes later to let me know that the air conditioner repair guy had left a hose running, and hence, my dripping ceiling. A little while later, another janitor came and replaced a ceiling tile, all while I was trying to teach my class about our literature selection of how a deaf percussionist can "hear" and play music. After the janitor left, I asked my class if they knew more about the percussionist or how to fix a ceiling tile. They said, "The ceiling tile." Sigh.

Next, a colleague needed me to watch her class, so I briefly had 41 kids in my room, while I tried to entertain her class and finish Mother's Day gifts with my class. I was so happy when I was walking my class out for dismissal. We had our usual grade level meeting after school, and everything was going well, when I got a phone call from the speech teacher letting me know that I was late for an IEP meeting. Great. And I thought I was going to be going home soon. I am now finally home, watching the special features from "Cars" with Ryan. Hopefully this evening will be a little smoother.

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  1. g.bethanderson@yahoo.comMay 7, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    Oh my goodness, what a day!!! One you want to quickly forget. They say things happen in 3's, well I counted more than three, so that theory goes out the window. Hope today goes better.