Saturday, May 23, 2009

8 things

Okay Katie, I am going to attempt complete this tag.

Eight things I'm looking forward to...

1. Meeting Jack and seeing what he'll be like

2. Watching my two boys become brothers

3. School being over and my summer being free (as free as it will be with a newborn)

4. Fitting into non-maternity clothes again

5. Our next trip to the beach, whenever that will be

6. Going to Ben's wedding today

7. Deciding on my next sewing project and actually sewing it

8. Getting a pedicure since I can't reach my toes

Eight things I did yesterday...

1. Went to work and celebrated my students' good behavior by watching Willy Wonka. We had just completed the book and they had filled their chocolate jar

2. Ate dinner at El Portal

3. Played outside with Ryan in the sprinkler and he threw mud at me

4. Had breakfast with Phil, which is a rare thing these days with his schedule

5. Got the car washed

6. Let Ryan have his first Slurpee

7. Met with my superintendent

8. Cuddled with Rita in bed

Eight things I wish I could do...

1. Travel to Europe with Phil and meet his relatives in England

2. Go to Australia with Phil to see where his dad used to live

3. Go to Hawaii for the first time

4. Take Ryan to Disneyland

5. Change the climate in Bakersfield so it would never be so hot

6. Have the time, energy, resources, and help to paint my kitchen cabinets white and put on hardware

7. Have a patio cover built

8. Immediately be my regular size after the baby is born

Eight shows I watch...

1. Arrested Development

2. 30 Rock

3. The Office

4. The Closer

5. What Not To Wear

6. Project Runway (please come back soon!)

7. Burn Notice

8. Most anything on HGTV

I tag...

1. Phil

2. Alli

3. Sara

4. Stacy

5. Ellie

6. Beth

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