Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Shower

Today, I had a "sprinkling" (as Julie and Laura call a second baby shower) at Laura's house. I really enjoyed myself and got some really cute and great things from a group of wonderful friends. Here I am with my lovely friend Anna. I can't believe this belly is going to grow for another month!
The girls provided a terrific and delicious spread of food for the event.

The lovely Kim and Amy

Here is Ryan's second cousin, and Katie and John's little one, Henry. I love the little faces he makes!

Jessi, who I haven't seen in ages, came down for the event, which made me so happy.

Amy and Tiffany
My grandma Net, who is about to be a great-grandma for the third time. (She, however, has always been great.)

A very excited and talented Grandma Debbie

Jill and her little one Cade

Janice and Judy, here is the quilt that you have been wanting to see. I love it and think it is so cute. Cade squealed and had to check it out when he saw it, so it is nice to know that it is kid approved.

Here is the back of the quilt, which matches the bedding in the nursery.

A VERY proud Grandma Gail with baby Henry.

Laura made this for Jack and put the meaning, "God is Gracious." under his name. I love it and think it looks so cute in the nursery.

Jack also got a "Papa Blankie" and a "Baby Blankie" from Grandma Debbie. The "Papa" and "Baby" names are from Ryan given to his blankies based on their size as defined by many readings of The Three Bears.
The cars quilt in the nursery

I am so happy to be surrounded by such a great group of girls and women that love me and my family so much. I am grateful for all of them and their generosity towards my family. Thank you all!


  1. My oh my that car quilt is AMAZING! Any chance of getting some detail shots of it? I like Ryan's naming concept for papa and baby blankets.

  2. Now all you need is baby Jack. Fun day today!

  3. Oh, and I love that picture of my mom...that just about sums up how she feels about being a grandma, I think :)

  4. Love all the nursery stuff you got. How fun. Wish I could have come to the shower, or had TIME to make something cute for Jack. Life has been too hectic, I should say retirement IS too hectic.
    Also loved the Birdie Sling you finished.
    Looking forward to spending tomorrow with you.
    Love you