Sunday, October 21, 2007


A friend of mine gave me a catalogue from a company called Boden last night. The catalogue she gave me had kids clothes in it and they are sooooo cute. I went to their website today and discovered that they also have women's clothing. Everything is anthropologie-esque and I love it. It is a British company so if you order, definitly check the size charts as they are not the same as U.S. sizes. Enjoy!


  1. okay, I didn't need to know they have me sizes...very naughty jenny, very naughty...=)

    thanks for stopping by the other night! love love love the outfit!

    oh and the pics ellie took of Ryan are TO DIE FOR! so cute!

  2. Hey-I guess I found you! Did not know you blogged. Fun! Ryan's pics are darling. Can't wait for Ellie to do ours in November. So yes, miniboden is wonderful. I pay them gobs of money. It goes straight from John's check to them. Wholesome company with the best customer service known to man-kind. Love them!