Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 2014

Even though June is the start to summer vacation, I always feel like it doesn't really begin until Jack's birthday is over.  VBS and Jack's party keep the busy-ness factor going.  

Ryan continued drawing his dragons.  Here is Toothless.  

I'm not sure what this dragon is called, but it turned out really cool.

Ryan has developed a love of tetherball.  This has also caused him to jam his finger quite badly.  He even got to have an x-ray on it to see if it was broken.  He was delighted about this.  Shortly after the x-ray, he jammed yet another finger by rough housing in the living room.

I will be returning to work full time next school year.  I most likely will be teaching a 2/3 combo class, which means I have to learn and balance two new curriculums.  Consequently, I had to move into my own classroom.  I also signed up for a class that will give me units for the work that I will be doing over the summer.  I have 75 hours to log and I'm about half way through.  I put some time in as soon as school was out by moving into my new room and decorating.  

Next up on the June agenda was VBS.  I taught preschool again.  This was the first time neither of my boys were in my group.  They're growing up.  Here's Jack's picture from the week.  Ryan said he looked like he was going to burst with joy.  

Following VBS was Jack's birthday party.  VBS was a Treasure Island theme and Jack's party was a pirate theme.  It worked out perfectly because I was able to use many of our VBS decorations to decorate the party.  I may be on to something here....

My mom made this candy pirate chest and...

this watermelon pirate ship for the party.  They were so cute.

The kids had a great time at the party.

Jack has been thrilled about turning five.  It really has been a pinnacle moment for him.  I love how excited he's been for this milestone.  

Our last big event in June before we left for vacation was Father's Day.  Phil's dad stayed with us after Jack's birthday and we all went to church together.  Phil received this awesome tie from Jack.  

My gift to my dad, Phil's dad, and Phil was a trip to the Kern River Brewing Company.  The weather up there was beautiful, but the drive up was full of smoke from the fires resulting from the drought.  We really enjoyed our evening and the pretty weather.  

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