Monday, June 17, 2013

Doug and the Girls Visit

Doug and the girls came for a visit in mid April.  I was thrilled to see them.  The two months that passed between our last visit seemed an eternity and I couldn’t wait to be with them.  Little ones change so much in a short amount of time.  I couldn’t believe how big Georgia had gotten.  I couldn’t get enough of her smiles. 

 Carolina was my little shadow while we had been in Oregon and had missed her following me around.  I was so happy to have my little buddy back. 

Ryan was great with both of the girls and was a big helper.  Jack really liked Georgia, but Carolina was old enough to be able to get into all his stuff and mess with his things.  He’s never had a younger sibling to bother him and he didn’t take to kindly to being in this position.  

I enjoyed watching the cousins get some play time together in our yard.  Carolina was really funny about the grass and didn't want to walk barefoot on it.   I thought about it and I realized that her aversion to it was probably because she doesn't have a backyard or the warm weather that we have and just was completely unfamiliar with it.  Doug would pick her up and swing her out and over the grass and set her down.  She would then have no problem with it.

Georgia was such a good baby.  She slept through the night each night she was here and had so many smiles for us.  

Lorie, bless her soul, volunteered to watch all of our kids and her kids so the three of us could go out to dinner together at El Portal.  Those six kiddos kept her and Scott hopping all evening I'm sure.  I kept my phone ready the whole time in case she needed to call us to rush home.  I love this picture of us, but I can't help but feel sad when I look at it and see Vanessa's absence.   

Carolina is such a friendly little girl and enjoyed talking pictures with Uncle Phil and his phone.  

Jack was so sweet with Georgia.  Hopefully he and Carolina we'll become good friends too.

Our house was bustling and full of energy with all of us Ogdens under one roof.  This is what breakfast time would look like as I rushed to eat before running off to work.  Pretty funny.

Doug showed off his culinary skills for us by BBQ some ribs for all of us and my family.  He made a rub called a Memphis rub while he was here.  The ribs tasted amazing.  They were cooked in my dad's smoker.  

These girls are so special too us.  We so enjoyed loving on them for the week that they were here.  And we had fun with Doug too.

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