Monday, June 17, 2013

Chaffee Zoo with Grammy

Hooray for summer!  Our spring has been super busy and my blog has been neglected.  I finally have a chance to catch up with what’s been going on with our family. 

During spring break, the boys and I took a trip to Fresno to see Grammy and go to the zoo.  We had so much fun.  The weather was perfect and the boys were excited about everything.  Both boys love animals so they were thrilled.  

Our first stop was the reptile house.  Grammy was brave and came inside with us.  The boys loved all the snakes, frogs and lizards.  Grammy and I were happy that they were behind glass.  

The monkeys were also really fun to watch.  I think the cool weather helped because they were really active, swinging from vine to vine.  

We probably spent the most time watching in the petting zoo.  Both boys love goats and the Chaffee Zoo is one of the only zoos that let’s kids actually go in with the animals.  I was worried Jack was going to try and take a goat home with him.

One hilarious animal that we saw was the wart hog.  The zookeeper was cleaning her cage and talking to her.  Pretty soon she got out her hose and started filling the wart hogs wallow with water to make mud.  The wart hog started snorting and prancing and charging the stream of water.  It was hilarious.  We were all doubled over laughing and I think the wart hog knew she was performing for us.  The zookeeper said she had done this since she was a baby. 

On the way home from the zoo, I called Phil to tell him how much the boys enjoyed the zoo.  Since we had to talk through the Bluetooth and I was on speaker in the car, the boys talked over me telling Daddy everything about their exciting day.  We had a blast!

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