Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012

I have to say that these pictures are stolen from Phil's mom.  An iPhone update made my phone crash earlier this week.  After restoring my phone, it started working again, but all my pictures from the month of October were lost.  Anyway, Phil's mom and Don came to visit us the day before Halloween last week, which also happened to be the day after Jack and I spent the middle of the night in the ER for his croup.  Remember how I said he had been feeling great since his tubes?  Well, this past week has been a bumpy ride with him, but thankfully, his ears have remained clear through all this.  Anyway, Grammy helped us carve pumpkins during her visit.  Grammy helped Ryan scoop the guts out of the pumpkins.  Next, the boys drew their designs on their pumpkins (Jack needed some help), then I cut out the faces.  

Sadly, the pictures of the finished Jack-o-lanterns are gone, save the one that I posted on Instagram.  

The boys dressed up as Spiderman and a Jedi.  Both were feeling rather grumpy for pictures.  Despite their unhappy demeanor in the pictures, they had a great Halloween.  


  1. Such cute boys.

  2. good job having them help! we didn't even carve pumpkins this year cuz i'm so lazy about all the pumpkin guts!