Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch(es)

This year, we got the chance to go to two pumpkin patches. The first Pumpkin Patch was called Hillcrest and it was just outside Reedley.  Our friends, Seth and Amy, invited us to join them.  The coolest part of this place is that it had a half scale narrow gauge steam train the kids could ride on.  Apparently, it also runs during Christmas when the farm functions as a Christmas tree farm.  I would love to go back and check it out.  

Anyway, Jack was showing off  his awesome "cheese" face for these family pictures.  Pretty great.

The day was also great because the weather was actually cool.  

The boys were absolutely mesmerized when the train pulled into the little station.  It was very cool.

Jack, Ryan, and Liam, were three peas in a pod.  And how could they not be when their dads have been best friends forever!

I have no idea what Jack was doing in this picture, but it cracked me up.

Our second pumpkin patch trip was to Banducci's.  We love going to this pumpkin patch.  Our Sunday school class planned an event there, which made it even more fun since we were with so many of our friends.  A new addition this year was the pony rides.  Jack was in heaven!  He is such an animal lover. 

Ryan had a great time too.  

After we got all our pumpkins, we went to Dewar's for ice cream.  All the kids in our Sunday school class were sugared up and bouncing around the patio.  It was pretty funny.  And loud.  After teaching all day and then pumpkin patching that night, I was pretty tired (or maybe just my ears were) so we headed home.  I think our class should remember to do this again next year.  

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