Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter, we first went to church, then straight to Grammy's in Clovis.  I quickly snapped a picture of the boys in the yard before we left before anyone got a chance to get dirty.  I can't believe that they both looked at the camera at the same time and smiled.  Unbelievable.

When we got to Grammy's, the boys were both tired and hungry.  I fed them a quick lunch since I knew we'd be eating later, then Jack elected to go, "Nigh-nigh."  Ryan said he wanted to rest with his eyes open so he wouldn't miss the egg hunt.  He was so afraid that if he closed his eyes, all of the other kids would beat him to the eggs and he would get nothing.

Finally after a long rest while keeping his eyes open, it was time for the hunt.  Jack wanted to open each egg he found and eat any candy that might be inside.  Rushing him to get another egg was not part of his plan.  Therefore, he got 3 eggs and was fine with that.  His only disappointment was that money is not candy and you can't eat it.

Jack is really into saying, "cheese," for each picture so these goofy looks are getting pretty common.

Ryan's Loot


Finding Eggs

Lastly, Ryan decided to do some more photography after the hunt was over.   The pictures are pretty interesting.  Despite my little lesson on not cutting people's heads off, to which he replied, "Your head is still there," he still doesn't quite have it down.  I quickly bent over in an effort to be in his photo as a whole and this is what we came up with.  We will practice more.


  1. Ill give him credit, that's a super cute picture of you!

  2. The boys are getting so big! How does this happen! I love that Ryan isn't wearing shoes! :)