Monday, March 15, 2010

Jack 9 Months!

Happy 9 months, Jack!

Jack has gotten 4 teeth in the last month for a total of 6. He is working on 2 more and I expect those 2 to pop through any day now. Jack is constantly chewing his fingers because of this.

Jack is super curious and is exploring everything. He is crawling and pulling up and cruising. He is really tall which mean he can reach far. We all have to find higher ground, much to the chagrin of Rita and Jed.

He loves everything that Ryan has and only likes some of his toys. He prefers whatever Ryan is playing with at the moment, which drives Ryan nuts! He loves his older brother and lights up whenever he sees him. Ryan can make him laugh more than anyone.

This is his favorite baby toy. It can occupy him for long periods of time.

He is so proud of himself when he closes all the doors on all the boxes, then realizes his game is over. Ryan comes the rescue and opens the doors again.

Jack tends to suck on his fingers whenever he is in a new place or is unsure about something. He likes to feel my sleeve while he sucks for comfort. He is a little bit of a momma's boy when he's uncertain.

He is starting to eat more table foods. He loves chunks of bananas, puffs, and little pieces of string cheese. He is really picky when we give him a new food and will spit it out and refuse the first few times we give it to him, especially if there is any sort of texture to it. After he tries it a few times, then he typically will eat it. He still is not much of a fan of his formula. He prefers juice and water from a sippy cup or from a straw.

He can babble the sounds, "mama," "dada," "baba," and "nana." He seems to associate "mama" with me, but "mama" can also be for many other things.

We are really enjoying our little guy. I still can't get over how fast this first year is flying by.

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