Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging Lull

I've had a lull in my blogging lately. I guess I've had a little bit of writers block as well. A lot has been going on, but I haven't had much to say about it. I've also been searching for a new project, but I haven't been completely inspired by anything yet so I haven't had anything to say about that either. If you have a sewing project idea for me, please pass it my way. Easter vacation is coming soon and I need something to work on.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to these last few weeks, in no particular order. A teacher friend of mine is having a baby boy sometime in April and she is doing the nursery in vintage baseball stuff. I sewed the booties and blankie for her shower gift.

Tonight at dinner, Ryan was drawing on his place mat when suddenly he said, "Hey, I drew my name!" I had to take a picture because I was so proud.

My grandma's condo in Morro Bay suffered some pretty serious water damage due to a water heater that sprung a leak. Anyway, my mom and I went over to meet with some contractors to get some work done on it. Her are some pictures of the sad state of affairs. I hope it can be repaired soon so we can have a weekend getaway.

I think Rita thinks she is a princess and was sleeping on this stack of pillows, trying to feel the "pea" under all of it. She's so cute.

I used up the last of my delicious Dinuba peaches last week on this lovely pie. I'm going to toot my own horn and tell you that it was absolutely delicious. I can't wait to get some more of these lovely pieces of fruit this summer.

I also sewed a Roman shade for the boys' room. I had to fiddle with it a little, but I'm happy with it. It is made out of red burlap with a black out lining. I was really worried about sewing with these materials, but my new machine tackled it with no problems.

Hopefully, I will find some more blogging inspiration in the next few weeks. Jack turns 9 months on Monday so I will try and get a post together for that.


  1. I got your picture of Ryan's name but it didn't look like anything on my phone. Now it makes more sense. Awesome that he did that.

    Was thinking about him tonight when we were watching the PBS program of the 5 Browns in concert. They are siblings, and all started piano lessons at age 3. They went to Julliard Music school. It was really good but I can't see Ryan starting piano lessons in Sept....

    Great projects, yummy pie, save me some. Wish you were closer, I'd have you help me with some decorating projects here.

  2. Great update. And wow, the condo looks terrible...hadn't seen pictures until now. There is quite a bit of work to be done.