Saturday, December 26, 2009

Handmade Gifts

This Christmas, the boys and I were the recipients of some great handmade gifts. My sister Julie made the sock monkeys for the boys. Jack's has the red scarf and Ryan's has the blue hat and glasses. Ryan named his monkey Monster Truck. He's slept with him for his naps and at night since he got him on Christmas eve. I think they are so cute.

My sister also made the below pillow for me. She made up the pattern of the dandelion and embroidered it on the pillow. I LOVE it.

My cousin Katie made these blocks and bag for Jack. They are super cute and he loves chewing on them.

Katie also made the car roll for Ryan below. His name is on the outside...
and when its flipped over, there is a road and pockets for each car. It is the coolest thing.
I just had to share because these gifts are so special!

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