Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a Week!

We've had quite a busy week around here. Doug and Vanessa arrived last Thursday and we had a blast hanging out with them. We did a lot of great cooking and eating. I can only think of one other time when I've had so many pots and pans out at one time, but it was worth it.

Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his aunt and uncle and acted like he had acquired a new toy for the week. (Ryan was in the trash because he couldn't find his stool to wash his hands and thought the trash would give him a boost.) Jack had a lot of smiles so I think he enjoyed it too.

During this visit, we also started the remodel on the nursery at church. I'm happy we started it, but after about 5 hours of work, we still haven't even finished the primer. I'm hoping to get it finished soon, but coordinating everyone's schedules is proving to be a daunting task. I can't wait to see the outcome and hopefully I'll have pictures soon.

My teaching partner started her maternity leave this week so that means I am going to be full time again until Christmas. My days went well this week, but I'm feeling the stress of parent conferences coming up and report cards. I have enjoyed sharing these responsibilities so much and it is weird to have to tackle them by myself again. I will certainly miss my partner during this time.

Today was supposed to be another work day on the nursery, but there were too many conflicts. Instead, I'm relaxing in a quiet house with my cup of coffee. I'm thankful for this moment.

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