Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jack - 4 months old

Jack had his 4 month visit this week and Ryan had his 3 year check up. Dr. Shah's office was kind enough to schedule them at the same time. Phil had taken the afternoon off because Doug and Vanessa were here. As I was getting ready to leave, Phil volunteered to come with me. I said, "sure," and I was so thankful I did. Trying to wrangle a baby and a preschooler is no easy task. Unbeknownst to me, Ryan had to pee in a cup. I gave Phil this task as I undressed Jack to be weighed and measured. Upon weighing and measuring Jack, my suspisions that Jack had become a much bigger boy were confirmed.

  • Jack weighs 16lbs. 11 0z.
  • He is 26 3/4 inches long (Ryan was this big at 6 months)
  • He is rolling all over the place
  • He smiles and "talks" all the time
  • He can make his hands grab more of the things he wants
  • He sucks his 2 middle fingers constantly so it looks like he is making the "I love you" sign with his hands
  • He holds onto his bottles or my hand that is holding the bottles in case I may try to take his food away.
  • He giggles
  • The person he responds to the most is Ryan. If Ryan gets out of Jacks line of vision, he gets upset
  • Ryan taught Jack to squeal. Heaven help my poor ears
  • Jack likes to scoot his walker backwards and when he backs up against something, he lets me know
  • I don't think Jack has any idea that he is only 4 months old because he is trying to catch up with his brother. I think he'll be up and moving before I'm ready for it.
I am sure enjoying being mom to my two little (big) guys.


  1. Jack sounds very advanced! what a big boy indeed:) very cute