Monday, August 3, 2009


As I mentioned in my previous post, we went on vacation last week. Our first stop was Carpinteria. We had a really nice time, but failed to get out the camera to document the event. Ryan really enjoyed playing on the beach and digging, but was still really afraid of the water. Jack spent his time sleeping in the sling on the beach with me. My parents also were kind enough to watch both boys while we went to the Montecito Cafe, which is one of our all time favorite restaurants. The food and atmosphere was wonderful as usual. I was disappointed to find out that they no longer had their red velvet cupcakes, but they did serve a fabulous peach cobbler that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Tuesday evening, after playing on the beach and swimming, we packed up and headed for Morro Bay for the rest of the trip. An amazing thing had now taking place twice, which was the fact that Jack slept in the car! We arrived late at night.

On Wednesday we had an extremely lazy morning in the condo and only took little trips out to walk the Embarcadero. We also took a walk downtown to a little garage where car aficionados house their vintage cars. Ryan has always wanted to go inside, but its always been closed. Ryan has a strange way of attracting attention and having good things come his way. For instance, last time we were in Morro Bay, a guy noticed Ryan and my dad looking at boats along the dock and gave them a spontaneous sail boat ride. An elderly gentlemen saw Ryan peering inside the windows. He introduced himself as Grandpa Joe and told Ryan, he would show him how to get in since he owned some of the cars inside. Sure enough, he took us in and let Ryan sit in one of his cars, a 1908 Ford. Ryan didn't know what to look at first. This old man was so nice and kind to us, and especially Ryan. He really made our day.

Wednesday, we attempted the Pismo Outlets. BAD IDEA! A baby and a pre-schooler are not a good combo for an extended shopping trip. We were very much over that idea after going to the first store. Phil also taught Ryan how to play hide and seek in the clothes rounders. I dread the next time we are at the mall.

On Thursday, we hung around Morro Bay for most of the day again, but then went to SLO in the evening. This outing was much better, however, the main attraction for the venture was supposed to be Tom's Toys. We arrived at this magnificent toy store on Higuera Street seconds too late as the lock was clicked shut moments before we tried the handle. We had one sad 2 year old to console. I guess there is always next time.

Friday, the Brady's came to hang out with us at the park. The kids had a great time and Phil took some terrific pictures.

Saturday, the Voss's were visiting Avila. We met them at the beach for a while, then they traveled back to Morro Bay with us and we all had dinner on the Embarcadero. The kids had a great time playing together and we certainly enjoyed the company.

Sunday consisted of packing and cleaning and coming home. We were pleasantly surprised when the weather wasn't nearly as hot as when we left. I really enjoyed Phil being around all week and having another set of hands was great. I am missing him today as I am home by myself. I'm so thankful that we were able to take a vacation this summer.

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  1. I can't believe how TALL Ryan is getting! What a growing boy! Those legs just look like they have shot up, and reminds me that it has been FAR TOO LONG since seeing you!

    Glad you had a great time! Sorry about the outlets... I understand completely what it is like to pull the plug on a potentially wonderful shopping trip!