Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Things

Many happy things have been happening this week.

1. Ellie's birthday.
Happy birthday Ellie!

2. Phil's Birthday
Yesterday was Phil's birthday. We had a little family celebration, and then a larger one, sans children, at El Portal yesterday evening. It was great and the cool weather was icing on the cake. (And the sheet cake I baked for the occasion was delicious too, if I do say so myself.)

3. Sleeping babies
While I realize that babies nowadays are not supposed to sleep on their tummies, this is the only way I have found that Jack will take a nap, unless I am holding him or walking around with him in a sling. (For whatever reason, he will sleep on his back, no problem, but only at night.) Anyway, for the past 3 days, I have been able to get Jack down for 2 naps, and the best part is, he is able to put himself to sleep. He also is able to suck on his thumb in this position, which helps him to fall asleep.

4. New patio chair covers
We had lost all of our patio chairs due to ripped, sun-eaten, fabric. The heat had also made the desire for patio furniture non-existent, but this new wonderful weather had me thinking about it again. I noticed that Cost Plus had their clearance sign out front today, and I thought I'd check to see if they had these covers on sale. They weren't marked down, but I figured they were because all the patio stuff was on sale. When I went to have them rung up, they came up $2.50 each! $10.83 later, my patio furniture functions again.

5. New Clutch
Last night at Phil's party, our friend Amy pulled out a fantastic clutch from her diaper bag, which contained all of her personal effects. She explained how handy it was when dropping off the little one, as she could grab her clutch, leave the baby's items, and be on her way, without needing to pack a separate purse for an outing. I loved this idea and had never thought of it myself, even though I had this same dilemma with Ryan. I found this lovely item on clearance at Target for $10.98. I was thrilled. I also had a gift card, so after buying a few things for Jack and this for myself, I only owed $0.12! My total for shopping today was only $10.95.

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