Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sewing Extravaganza

This week has been a great week in sewing for me. I got to make to baby gifts for friends that are expecting.

I was so happy to get to sew some girl things with the fabric I had been saving.

I also completed a purse I had been struggling with. I had bought the fabric at Hancock's in July, but couldn't find a pattern that I liked and I also couldn't find a lining that I thought would go. Ellie came over on Friday night and helped talk it through with me. I showed her the patterns I liked, including a pattern from jcaroline creative, which she thought I should use. I agreed and printed it out (the patterns are free from that website). Seeing Ellie with her new fabulous purse also made me think back to her retired and wonderful purse, which inspired my color choices for my purse. Thanks Ellie! I went back to Hancock's on Saturday morning to find a gigantic Labor Day sale. I found the fake leather fabric for $5 per yard and the lining fabric for $4.50 per yard (I think). Ryan took a great nap for me yesterday and I was able to complete the purse. I'm really happy with it.


  1. Ok, I love the purse, you'll have to teach me how to make it. Also, I have the same fabric, but in green.

  2. Laura, if you make the purse, talk to me first because I changed the pattern a little. Also, I love the green fabric too. I debated between the two forever.

  3. I LOVE EVERYTHING! The purse turned out really, really well, and the little baby stuff is adorable. Good work!

  4. Nice work, love the purse, can't wait to see it live.

    Say, your special day is coming up, isn't it your 30th anniversary of your birth???? Oh yes there is another anniv, it's 5 yrs now..... Congrats to you both, we love you and are so happy for you & Phil.

    Oh, Sept, what a busy month!!!
    LOVe you