Thursday, August 21, 2008


Portland was an amazing city to visit. I only wish we could have spent more time exploring. Our first full day was on Phil's birthday. We took Ryan to Oaks Park, which is like a large version of Playland. We thought he would enjoy the rides but to our dismay, he was grumpy almost the whole time there. While he was on one ride, he would see another that he'd rather ride and then he'd cry, or he'd notice that the ride he wanted on was closed. We finally just bought him some M&M's to cheer him up and called it a day. That evening, we went out for Phil's birthday and had a great dinner with Doug and also got a tour of the Crystal Ballroom. We then met up with Ben and Alli for drinks at Portland City Grill and also got to meet one of Vanessa's bridesmaids, Mary.

On Thursday, we went to Portland, just the three of us, and went to Powell's and read books, and then did a little shopping. We ended up at a great little cafe called Sip & Kranz. This place was amazing. It was a swanky little coffee house/cafe in the front, with a glass enclosed playroom in the back for the kiddos. Ingenious I tell you! Ryan loved it as did Phil and I. They even had a kids menu where every entree is served with a side of goldfish, a carton of milk, and a little tootsie roll. Someone needs to capitalize on this idea in Bakersfield. Check out the pictures below.

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