Sunday, August 3, 2008


After we installed the wood flooring, I started shopping for a larger area rug for the room. I haven't been able to decide on anything that I like, which made me do some design soul searching. What did I like about the room? What did I want to change? Would changing something allow me to like an area rug? I came to the conclusion, that I still really liked the lamps, the end tables, and of course, the floors. I still like the window treatments because I like the foliage aspect of them and they give an open, outdoor-sy feeling. The couch is really worn and uncomfortable and certainly isn't large enough for my 6'3'' husband. And I'm tired of it. And the recliner really, truly, must go. I married Phil, but not the chair.

Below are pictures of my current living room:
Here are some ideas I had after shopping and perusing a Potterybarn catalogue:

Each of the pictures can be clicked on to make larger so you can see them better. Now, the only thing I am looking to replace at the present time is the area rug, but I'd like to have a comprehensive design plan before making any purchases so that I can be moving in the right direction to create the room I'd like. The above picture has swatches of the color palette I'd like to have, the couch that I like, the window treatments I have, the chairs I'm looking at, and another foliage idea in the pillows. It also has the style area rug that I think I'd like, although sisal rugs are not comfortable.

I welcome your comments and ideas please! Let me know what you would do with the above ideas to create a better room. I am very open to any new ideas and would love to be inspired. Thanks!


  1. I know it might sound lame- but you should check out Big Lots (on Olive near RFR). They have furniture, decorating items, rugs, etc. Their inventory is from as I understand it. They have some leather and leather-like chairs. If you have some time, stop by. It will at least be interesting.

  2. We'll have plenty of time to talk this next week. C U tomorrow sometime. Like the look...

  3. There is a huge Pottery Barn Outlet not too far from me. If you get down this way, its definitely worth checking out. They have all the great PB stuff and the prices are so good.

  4. Love the ideas. Sisal is great (we have it under our dining table) but you're right, it isn't all that comfortable. Maybe you could find a faux sisal rug that would make you happy. Not sure if they make these, or if you could find one, but it never hurts to look.

  5. I love these colours they really do blend in very well. I am just in the process of redecorating my living room and have been looking about the internet for clearance offers and deals and came across a BHS sale that seems to have some great discounted deals on homeware.