Saturday, March 10, 2012


As I mentioned in my Mood Fabric post, our reason for coming to L.A. was to go to the Saban Theater to see a panel discussion with the actors and writers of Castle. Phil and I love this murder mystery show and look forward to watching it each week.

Phil and I first went to Mood where we were greeted by

Oscar the dog. After Mood, we went to lunch at the King's Road cafe, which is a favorite spot for coffee and breakfast or lunch. The food is outstanding and their coffee is roasted and brewed on site. We love it. After lunch, we did a little shopping, then checked into the Redbury Hotel.

Each floor had a sitting area like this.

And I saw this print a few places in the hotel. I loved that it had an MG like my dad is restoring and the marquee had some of his favorite bands on it.

I loved the sitting area in our room. It was separated from the bedroom by a credenza where the TV sat.

The TV swiveled to be viewed in bed or on the couch. The room also had a record player and the hotel had stocked the room with some vinyl that we had requested (CSNY and John Coltrane). The whole hotel had the eclectic design aesthetic of Emily Henderson.

After relaxing in the hotel, we headed to the Saban to see the show. Parking was a mess so I was really worried about getting there on time. We ended up parking several blocks away and it felt like quite a trek in my 3 inch heels. We made it just minutes before the show started.

The show began with the actress who plays Lanie singing the song from the "Blue Butterfly" episode. Next, we got to see the next episode of Castle even though the post production work wasn't finished yet. I loved sitting in a theater full of fans and watching the episode together. The mutual laughter and excitement for the show brought more life to the episode.

Finally, they brought the actors out. I got butterflies when I saw Nathan Fillion and had to remind myself to breathe. He was as charming last night as he is on the show. I was not disappointed.

Lastly, we went back to the hotel's bar called, "The Library" and had a drink. Phil and I were a little starstruck as we reminisced about the day. A very memorable day indeed.

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