Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year, Ryan learned how to hang upside down on the monkey bars. When I asked Ryan what he wanted to be for Halloween, he mentioned his new skill and declared that he should be a bat. He also wanted to know if he had bat wings, would he be able to fly? Sadly, no, but cute thought. I then thought that Jack could be a frog since he loves frogs and hopping everywhere, besides, bats and frogs go together, right? Before I got started on the frog costume, Lorie asked if Jack would want to be Buzz Lightyear and would he like to borrow the costume. I thought that would be great. When Jack first got his costume, it was 100 degrees and he insisted on wearing it. He wore it till he was dripping sweat. I was happy that he liked it thinking that he would be excited to wear it for Halloween. He even told people that he was going to be Buzz for Halloween. When his daycare provider asked me to bring Jack's costume last Friday for pictures, I thought, "No problem. He'll be excited about this." Wrong! He would not wear it.

So yesterday, after talking about dressing up like Buzz all weekend, I got him into his costume and we made a special trip to daycare to take our pictures.

We also stopped by Lorie's to say hi where we were joined by Darth Vader. (Yoda was grumpy and did not join in.) My bat was also grumpy and looks angry in these pictures.

Here are a few more pictures from daycare.

While Jack is the oldest child in daycare, he is by far the biggest. This picture cracks me up, especially his feet.

The boys loved trick or treating last night. They were both worn out from walking the neighborhood, but loved the whole experience. Happy Halloween from the Ogdens!

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