Thursday, August 4, 2011


Oh Papa Blanket, how we've loved you.  You were given to Ryan just a few days before he was born and you were lovely and oh so soft.  I loved you right away and knew Ryan would too.  Grandma Debbie did a good job when she made you.

You helped us through Ryan's infancy and reflux problems.  And when suddenly he couldn't sleep anymore at daycare, we realized it was because you weren't with him and you were his comfort.

When you were not quite 2 years old, Ryan gave you the name, "Papa."  He loved the story, The Three Bears, and since you were big like Papa Bear, you became Papa Blanket.

You came with us to Uncle Doug and Aunt Vanessa's wedding and comforted a very clingy Ryan who wanted only his mom durning the whole trip.

You sat alongside Ryan the morning he turned 2 and helped him play with his new trains.

When Ryan had to make a visit to the E.R. for a severe case of croup, you were there watching over him.  And when you showed too many signs of Ryan's love and your patches started coming off, I sewed you back together and quilted your seams to your back.

You came with Ryan on his first train ride to visit Grandma Enns and helped all of Ryan's beloved cars not slide off the table.

Papa, you came with us to visit Eddie and Ellie and were a great comfort to Owen the cat.

You helped us welcome Jack into the family and you and Ryan taught Jack how to love his blanket.

You were with Ryan on his first day of preschool and when Ryan started to cry and ask for his Papa, you were there, but sadly the preschool didn't realize that you were a blanket and not his Grandpa.  They soon realized and Ryan soon learned that you needed to stay safe in his backpack until nap time.

For the few short weeks that Ryan slept with stuffed animals instead of his cars, you were there (and so was Rita).

You have watched many hours of PBS kids in the mornings while Ryan felt the satin edge of you and drank his milk.

You have snuggled with Ryan in the laundry basket and watched Cars.

You comforted Rita after her knee surgeries, all without complaint.

And now as Ryan has left you alone for a week and asked for you to be folded up and put away with my childhood blanket,  I will do so with love as you have been such a part of our family for the last four, almost five years.  I will save you, as Ryan has asked, so he can show his kids someday.  I will miss seeing my little boy all curled up with you in the mornings and as he sleeps at night.  I am sad that he no longer needs to feel your satin edge for comfort because he is no longer my little boy, but has grown into a charming big boy.  We will miss you Papa blanket.


  1. I'm crying. Ugh. Not ready for them to be so big.

  2. That post seriously brought a tear to my eye! I can hardly imagine Ryan without his blanket. What a big boy!

  3. Beth said...
    Such a sweet story, should be a book. Great job