Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unfurnished Quilt by Film in the Fridge

I entered "Project Mode" on Saturday morning. For those that don't know, or have not experienced this phenomenon, this is when all other basic needs such as sleep, nourishment, and hydration, become secondary, or even tertiary concerns to the project at hand. The project has the driving force of a freight train on the individual and one is unable to focus on anything else. Frequent, "mmm-hmms," are heard from a person in Project Mode that one is may be trying to converse with. A supportive spouse who also can, at times, delve into project mode and therefore has a personal understanding of the condition is also needed to survive this time period. When quilting in this mode, one does math in one's head while supposedly sleeping and is constantly calculating yardage and counting blocks needed. This mode is what drove me to finish my king sized quilt top in a matter of 4 days. Ridiculous, I know, and I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but it's the truth.

I do have to say my previous calculations on yardage were off. I ended up doing an extra column of blocks and I still had extra blocks left over. I think that from the pattern I used, I cut my blocks on the wider side of her measurements, which is what led to the excess. I do have to say that this quilt has a TON of waste, but I don't see how the "wonky" look could be achieved otherwise. I did piece my quilt a little differently. I chain pieced all the sashing. I cut sashing 3"x wof (width of fabric) for all steps of sewing sashing to the blocks to eliminate some of the waste. I do think the chain piecing helped me complete the project way faster than what was written in the directions. This quilt was very enjoyable to piece and I would recommend it, although a lap quilt size might be a little more fun. Now I need to figure out the backing.


  1. I LOVE it! The fabric is perfect.

  2. Project mode huh? So thats my condition...

  3. That looks fantastic! Love it! I am impressed and inspired to run myself into project mode now!! :)

    Sew your scraps together and whack them into squares and use them for a baby drag-along...perfect for a baby shower gift!

  4. WOW it looks great! I'M working on this same quilt right now Did you have any problems making the blocks? the wonky ones? the instructions that I have are kind of funky. Any Suggestion?