Saturday, March 26, 2011

How buying binding...

Turned into making a quilt for my king size bed. So the baby blanket that I sewed in my last post is what catapulted me into the project of sewing a king sized quilt for my bed. I had gone to Strawberry Patches to buy ric rac for the blanket I was sewing when I saw a blanket with minkee binding cut on a bias. I had some in my stash at home so I was thinking that my trip wasn't going to cost me anything. That's when I looked up and saw Moda's Chrysalis line.

I was smitten and my wheels began turning. I ended up buying some of that fabric and I headed home to look for the perfect quilt pattern. I was torn between doing a Stacked Coin pattern or Film in the Fridge's "Unfurnished" quilt. I was overwhelmed by the wonky rectangles, but ultimately, that pattern appealed to me most.

Next, I found this quilt online that used my Chrysalis fabric and Kona's Stone for the sashing.

I love this color combo so this is what I'm using.

Here is a link to the "Unfurnished" quilt pattern for anyone who is interested.

I think I've also figured out the the fabric needed as well as strips needed to make a Queen size quilt and a King size quilt.

King= 93x103
24 1/3 yard cuts or 32 1/4 yard cuts
120 strips needed
I'm not sure about the sashing yet

28 1/4 yard cuts or 21 1/3 yard cuts
90 strips needed
Again, I'm not sure how much sashing will be needed

I'll post pictures as my project progresses. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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  1. That is going to look sooo great! I can't wait to watch your progress :)